Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All he did was send me an email asking me about my weekend.

That's it. I've only met him one time, at work.

This set off a completely insane chain of events in my head. I was envisioning horrible stepfamily dynamics, fighting kids, hateful exes, disappointment, financial stress, no more fun building projects, expectations and laundry and I bet he's a jerk who spent every weekend of his marriage fishing while his wife sat at home with some kids or maybe he's a cheater and


I did manage to pull myself together and delete his email without throwing up or crying. (Okay there might have been a couple of tears. But not much.)

So I guess it wasn't too bad.   ?  I mean, it could have been worse right?

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  1. If you don't feel ready to date, then you don't feel ready to date. You don't need to feel bad or apologize! In the end you're doing him (and yourself) a huge favor to not rush things. Better to cry in front of your computer than in the middle of a restaurant.

  2. except that it's been 3 years and I'm still having panic attacks over this. It's ok though, I really don't want to date.

  3. It's been 6 for me so I don't it's a problem. I really have no interest in being in a relationship. I like my freedom and I love your blog.

  4. whoops - I meant to add "think"

  5. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. It is perfectly normal to not want to date when you still have little kids in the house. Our mama instincts often go into overdrive when we are feeling protective of our families.

    Relax, deep breaths. But don't forget, some men make great platonic pals, too, so don't write them all off!

  6. I agree with all of the above comments. If you are not ready, you are not ready. But men do make good friends too, so don't write all of them off. My best friend forever was a guy, I still miss him (his then fiance made him give up all communications with me and my hubby. But your children are your focus, and that is the best thing for all of you right now.

  7. Just found your site after googling Rivermist 2 Year Anniversary-your site is fantastic and so admire everything you are doing!! I live in Rivermist but that is not why I'm commenting-its been 11 years since my split and I so get you about the panic attacks!! Have just found myself attracted to a man for 1st time since moving to SA in 2001 and truly had a panic attack-he could be absolutley wonderful-he e-mails me as well-or in my mind imagine he could be a stupid-its like being a child and touching a hot stove...Truly wish you many blessings!!! Not sure if I recommend waiting 11 years but I know all about not being ready....

  8. I have been on 3 dates since my divorce 7 yrs ago. They were all a disaster. I also have a platonic, male friend, who I talk/txt with daily and spend time with every weekend. His moodiness and general outlook are daily reminders of why I love living alone.


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