Monday, March 12, 2012

(for Part 1 see here.)
I got two estimates for re-coating the old clawfoot tub. One was for $350 and the other $500.

Um, no.
My thinking on the bathtub refinishing services is this:

If it's a SPRAY ON PRODUCT, then it's not worth $500 (to me). Now, if you tell me you're gonna lay down new porcelain and fire it in an oven at 2500 degrees, then I could see paying for a service like that. But $500 for spray painting an old tub? Not this mom. I've got a sewer to install, kittens.

One of these places refused to coat the sink. Said they wouldn't warranty it because the dishes getting thrown in the sink will cause it to scratch/chip/whatever. The other place said they would coat it, with basically no warranty, $350.

You're kidding me with that, right? If the coating won't withstand the usage of a sink, why don't I just roll on some oil-based Sherwin Williams and call it a day? (It turns out after cleaning it looked great and I didn't want to paint it anyway. )
 I used some leftover kitchen cabinet paint, BM's Silver Mink, I don't know if this will be the final paint color but I'm not spending money on this project right now.
Basically they use an epoxy product, and while these are the hardest paints you can get, they simply won't withstand the test of time. The online reviews about bathtub recoating that I read kept repeating the same thing: it doesn't last.

I don't think I want to spend that kind of money on painting the inside of the tub if it's going to look like crap anyway once it starts chipping and wearing off around the drain.

I *did* purchase this refinishing kit online first. It was just appliance paint you can get at Lowe's, which wasn't exactly how it was advertised! I tried using it on the claw feet first, but it didn't cover well so I cleaned it off with paint thinner and then sprayed on flat white spray paint.

I flipped the tub over and got started on the inside -- up next. I found the genie in a bottle that made repainting this tub unecessary! Can't wait to share!
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  1. I can't wait to find out what you are doing. Hugs, Marty

  2. And I can't wait to hear about it!

  3. I love following your projects. I have major envy for your sink. And if I didn't already have a clawfoot tub in our garage for a someday house addition, I'd be pining for that too.

  4. Katy,
    The outside turned out beautiful! I used an oil based paint for the outside of mine and did not have to redo the inside. Except for remove some rust stains from around the drains... which I found something that worked great for that! Can't wait to see what you did for the inside of your tub! Love that color on the outside!
    dee dee

  5. I thought about RhinoLining our last tub :)

  6. In the 20 years that Brian and I have been together I've seen the tub and its feet at his parents' house change colors more than once. It held up just fine to regular use, his mother just likes to paint things. I'm fairly certain the last time she used the same paint from the family room walls.

  7. I too can't wait to see what you are up to! Always an adventure!

  8. That's awesome! Refinishing our clawfoot tub is on my list too...No way am I shelling out a bunch of money for someone else to do it.

    But, I'm a little intimidated too. So glad to see that you survived and it looks awesome! = )

  9. so did you end up sandblasting???

    off to read the next post...biting my nails, of course!

  10. I would surely love to see how this DIY project ended up!


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