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I decided to participate in the "Word for the Year" party at The Lettered Cottage. This is big for me since I'm such a blog hermit. ;)
I get paid all day long to analyze, calculate, and avoid RISK. When I calculate how much strength is needed for a structure to withstand 100 mph winds, I get the final number and then I throw in a 2-to-1 safety factor. Just in case. (This is standard engineering practice, not because I'm paranoid. Although I am highly paranoid as well.)

My entire life is about RISK avoidance. When it comes to my kids, my job, my finances -- everything. It got so bad that I realized all of my daily conversations were peppered with the phrase It's not worth the risk. I say that probably 10 times a day. I crave safety like other people crave happiness.

However, this past November I suddenly threw myself off the edge of a cliff. At least that's what it felt like.

I took some equity in my house, wiped out my savings, and purchased something that was going to require a lot of work and more $$$. And I didn't ask anyone else's opinion before I did it. Not even my Dad's. (Those of you who know me will get the shock of that.)

But I realized that if I want any of my dreams to come true, then somewhere, somehow, I was going to have to take a calculated risk. It scared the crap out of me.

But at the same time I also felt better than I have in years.
When I get to the end of my life I don't want to look back and say "Wow that was boring". (My kids say that a lot: This is so booooring Mom!) Hey-- there is safety in being bored, okay?

So for 2012 my word is RISK. As in: take a few. Don't be so afraid. If it doesn't work out you'll still be okay, and just maybe you'll get to do something you've dreamed about...
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  1. This risk you've taken is very exciting. There is a certain thrill about jumping headlong into something, without knowing for sure how it will turn out.

    I understand it, though. My family always tells me I "future worry" because I spend so much time going over the "what ifs" I become paralyzed by indecision.

  2. I can relate to your post and I love your word choice. I think you are inspiring me to participate in this too. In my book, you are one extremely brave woman for buying that property and I wish you all the best and love hearing about your journey.

  3. I wanted to come by and say thank you for your visit to my blog today. You spoke of painting your counter tops,,, don't be afraid to try it..
    Take a look at my post on how I did the kitchen counters.. $14.99 for the can of paint and it's been a year now.. love it!


    Thanks again and have a great week.

  4. i peeked at that post and now i'm pondering. should it be a verb? i like action, movement, forwardness... hmm. for someone who doesn't shut up it should be easy to pick my "it" word. it's not.

    risk is the "it" word for you...though i think the golf cart was your delicious taste of risk in 2011. yum! perhaps risk with a shot of tequila? now that's a fine recipe for happiness in 2012!

  5. Yes. Risk. Bold Risk. Can I add an adjective?

  6. Risk is a great word. I wish I had the courage to adopt it. I can't wait to see the beach house start coming together. I know it will be a great investment for you and your family. And a great adventure! Good luck!

  7. You go girl! You are just the type that will take on the right kind of risk - like the beach shack.

  8. Oooohhh Katy, you are SO RIGHT!! I'm thrilled for you for having TAKEN the risk!! Life's getting shorter by the day...just DO it!

  9. What an inspiring word ~ risk!

    I'd love for you to stop by and see mine.

    Be blessed!

  10. very inspiring! I would love to take risks.

  11. loved your post and your word. I often ask myself "What would you do if you weren't afraid?" I don't always take the risk, but at least it makes me consider it!

  12. I think I love this word most of all. So many times I am paralyzed by overwhelming fear of the unknown. What will happen....what if! Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  13. I love that you are already beginning to live your word. May the risks you take be blessings!

  14. Love this linky party! I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit!

  15. Love to HEAR That Katy!! I've been feeling the same way!! ((hugs)) <3


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