The San Antonio Rivermist Hill Collapse

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I found these pictures today. I feel a sense of vertigo looking at these, like I fell down a rabbit hole. I think I conveniently blocked myself from thinking too hard about this catastrophe, because I had so many other things to worry about and it's terrifying to think how close we came to being ruined. If we had been trapped in this house like the rest of our neighbors, I never could have bought the little house that me and my kids live in now.
 My daughter's room. I took this picture when I was preparing to sell the house.
 One of the boys' rooms.
 A slipcover for an old ottoman.
 Messy shot of the office.
There was a whole lotta oak...
It was a very big house in a great location. 3400 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, 2 master suites, huge kitchen, I guess it was a McMansion Dream Home.
I was proud of all the work I did there.  But then:
I am heartbroken for all of my former neighbors, and the nightmare they are living. They cannot sell their homes, even if the wall is fixed. Would you buy a home there?

I am heartbroken for the people who bought our house. I had no earthly idea that 7 months later the retaining wall would collapse.

At the same time, I am actually incredibly grateful that my husband walked out on me, destroyed our lives, and forced me to sell our home. Several months after I left Texas with my kids, my ex husband lost his job in San Antonio anyway.

What a tragedy. I'm just glad that no children were killed when the backyards caved in. !!
 I took this shot in front of our house. This was before the builder put up the houses on the edge of the hill.
We had such a great view. This is why people bought on that street.
It's a reminder that buying absolutely any property is a risk. :(
And this might be part of the reason that I'm such a huge fan of tiny houses now.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I just watched the whole slide show. What a terrible tragedy for those homeowners. Amazing that Centex built home on such shoddy soil.

  2. OMG... I am heartbroken for those families that underwent this horrible tragedy, but how fortunate you were to escape such devastation, particularly during such an already traumatic time of your life! Honestly, we never know what lies around the corner...

  3. really? i mean, wow. how does this #%@%@&# happen to people? stinks that my "trust no one" motto rules again.

    you, my chickadee, well.... you survived.... which is plenty... and sweet... and blessed. thanks be to the ones in charge of it all.

  4. What a HORRIBLE situation...and thank God you had to leave, despite the way it happened Ms Katy. I'm a firm believer that things happen in our lives for a reason, even though we often don't know what that is until much later. You remind me SO MUCH of my daughter...a resilient, tough-and-tender, and a "make-it-happen" kind of woman. KUDOS to you.


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