Scrubbing Funk & My New Iron Bed

6:22 PM Katy 8 Comments

This was an awesome Saturday. Me and my mom went to the antique shop in Little Mountain. The basement has stuff like this:
So you know it's a good place. I always find a million things I want. But today I saw this:

It had the headboard, footboard, rails, and it was set up for display. It needs to be sandblasted and painted (because I'm not wild about shabby chic), but it's from the 1880's. I snapped it up! It's going to be great in the beach shack.

Then I worked on scrubbing the nasty doors from the shack.

 picking the toilet paper out of the bathroom door. eeewwwww (My dad helped me out, ha ha)
 scrub with Comet cleanser and hose down..
 And here they are (relatively) clean and disease-free:
They'll need a little more work before they're ready to install, but it's not a pressing concern yet.

And here's the buffet I pulled out of the previous owner's "bedroom" :
It was covered in funk and stank from the house. I am not wild about this furniture style so I posted it on Craigslist and sold it for $40. I'm wondering if I'm going to see it around the blogosphere next month painted with ASCP. ;)

It was a good day. I also got a Hamilton Beach 1950's mixer that runs like a stopwatch. My cheap WalMart mixer broke, and this one is still going strong. I only paid $30 for it!

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  1. Sweet ride. Your mixer will probably last for years. Good buy! I have an old bed frame here and I am curious to see what you will do with yours. Cheers!

  2. Katy you have some luck. Bed is awesome, glad you sold the buffet (not your style or mine!) and I'm totally jealous with envy of those 5 panel doors. My next house is definitely going to have those farm style doors, they are so, so architecturally beautiful. Guess Shorty was good for a few things!

  3. I have an iron bed almost identical to yours. It belonged to my grandmother who bought it used in the early 1900's. I pulled it out of her barn after she died and it was in the same shape as yours. But after sandblasting and paint, it's beautiful! I can't wait to see yours! One thing though, a full size box spring and mattress wouldn't fit mine since those old beds were made when actual springs were still used. My brother had to rig up a wooden thing to sit on the frame and hold the mattress. Makes the bed kinda high, but I like it that way and you can't see the frame he made at all when the bed is made.

  4. I so would have bought that buffet! Glad to have found your blog. I'll be following.
    Debbi @ the beach

  5. Great stuff at the antique shop. LOVE the old car, your bed and the 50's blender!!

  6. love the mixer!! and i'm jealous of whoever bought that awesome buffet for $40... such a cute piece. thanks for sharing. :)

  7. I just drug my mother's old mixer out of the basement. It's just like this one but has a few extra parts I have no idea what they are for. Maybe juicing? It hasn't been used in over 40 years that I know of. Anxious to try it out but the original cord looks like it's been melted on the stove.


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