Vintage Coke Crate

9:26 AM Katy 4 Comments

I'm doing an inventory of all the old crap I pulled out of the shack, so far I've mentioned the Miller High Life girl, but there's loads more trash. I mean treasure! This particular find made me happy:

I instantly pictured it sitting on a table with a single daisy in each bottle. Kinda sorta like this:

But not quite. You get the idea? Kinda like this but without all the leaves:

I went digging around in the scary backyard and unearthed two more of the bottles, in great shape but full of dirt. I was sooo excited and once again brother and dad looked at me like I was a nut.

I'm still missing one bottle, but I think it'll be more fun that way.  My OCD-ness will go crazy every time I look at it.

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  1. Katy you hit the jackpot when you bought that place. I guess hoarders are good for something! Love that crate and the bonus bottles, thanks Shorty.

  2. Awesome crate, AND the bottles. Your guys just don't understand - I attend a local auction every once in a while for home decor primitives and these crates, empty and in worse shape, regularly go for $30 - $40 each. Such a treasure. = )

  3. I love this coke crate. There is a pie shop down in Gulf Shores where the owner has one of these crates. She took a bunch of the 6" size coke and sprite bottles and made salt and pepper shakers out of the lot of them for her restaurant.

  4. still my heart...what a FIND Katy!!!


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