Thursday, January 26, 2012

My friend Kim wrote something about the current blogosphere on the anniversary of her 900th post and I've got to throw in my 2 cents. I've been blogging since 2005  (other blogs), and things have really changed. Ahhh, the days of blogging before social media.

At some point we outgrow our blog and move on...or we just strap it into a pair of go go boots and make it stand on the corner and make money.

I thought it would be nice if blogs had a little rating on their front page, to tell visitors the % content vs. % pimping. So here are my handy dandy pie chart linky things!  (click on the pies. heh)
Do you still actually post original content?  And you've never commented on a stranger's blog just to say "follow me"? Congratulations!

Did you have original content once upon a time? But that got old so now you're looking to Monetize? Work it, girl. 

 Have you abandoned all pretenses and just have ads, sponsors, giveaways, link ups, product shilling, and guest posts? (Gotta make the most of the assets while they're still tight. I'm not judging.)

So where do you draw the line? I personally quit reading blogs when they approach the Lindsay Lohan stage, because I think it's easier to just bookmark the content I liked without having my inbox cluttered with giveaways and blog hops. But maybe I'm in the minority on that one?

(There are excellent, popular bloggers out there who are 100% original content. But they are way too awesome for my buttons)
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  1. Katy I love this post and I agree wholeheartedly that your blog should be content driven otherwise what's the point? I, like you, have zero ads/promotions/giveaways/guests posts and all that other junk which I believe 'clutters' up the true blog and really the person behind it all. I'm in your boat on this one, thank you for putting it out there.

  2. Hmmmm that is interesting. I do actually skip over reading blogs that have giveaways and product reviews. I like the blog parties cause I can find new bloggers and ideas there. Never really thought of why I skip reading some of the more popular bloggers. Guess it's all the silly fluff. Not that I don't have my share. Good post!

  3. Ms. Feral Turtle: you're not silly fluff. That's why you're on my blogroll. ;)

    It's not that the parties are inherently bad. I've linked up before. Just to clarify ha ha

  4. Well said, Katy. Sadly, several of the blogs I have been following for years now make me search through the junk to find the original material. I am losing my patience and mourn the original content that use to be so rich. Soon, I will stop checking in altogether.

  5. I perfer the bloggers like you... who tend to be down to earth! That blog their own porjects or sometimes even point the way to another blogger's cool project! (that's how I found you!)
    Thanks for being you!
    Dee Dee

  6. Yes!! I agree. I don't minds ads and giveaways, but when you fish for followers, thats when I go away. 'enter now by liking my fb page, following my blog and following me on twitter, then write an essay about how awesome I am and you might win!'

    I instantly judge blogs on their font, that's my 'pie chart' that gives away what kind of blog it is. Is that shallow?

  7. font? Hmmm I hadn't thought of that...*off to study blog fonts* lol

  8. as an aside- what sorta bugs me about this new world we live in, is the way we get categorized. like, this blog for example. i would never have found it had i trusted marketing to figure out "what i like" and lead me here. i come here to recharge, because your energy and your unique outlook on life is in short supply everywhere. and by stopping by i get to consider some new ideas and shore myself up again with this wonderful I Know I Can I Know I Can splashed about on your page.


  9. your taylor/lindsay analogy? very creative... as usual.

    to me, it's about honesty... ya know, "keepin' it real". we all have better things to do than blog troll so if someone is blowing smoke or sugar sweet and gushy about... stuff, i'm outta there.

    'cept if it's funny. funny might top content. funny even tops good photos.

    oh, and do you ever feel like your cat is judging you??? (hahaha)

  10. Well said Ms Katy! I blog for pure pleasure, being the hedonist that I am . I'm also too technologically stupid to even consider how to make money from it! Keep the posts comin' young'un, I'll keep comin' back!

  11. we are on the EXACT same page on this one. Good read.


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