The Claw Foot Tub Is Never Wrong.

8:36 AM Katy 7 Comments


 It is always perfection.

I'm refinishing the tub and sinks, and I was thinking about painting the exterior of the tub something a little (tacky?)

Just kidding!

Although I think I am naming the cottage "The Three Little Oysters".

Not kidding.

I've got a DIY bathtub refinishing project, a cabinet build, and I'm still waiting on some information from the building department. Seems like there aren't enough hours in the day. I'm probably going to have to neglect the blog for a while. But at least when I get back here I will have lots of progress to report.

I hope.

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  1. Please, please, please blog about how you refinish that tub. I have one that I want to refinish and have looked at a few different kits but would love to see the process as you do it. Love the colors, these things are so classic.

  2. Yes I am using one of those refinishing kits and I will take pictures and blog about it. But it may take some time for me to post it. ;)

  3. I refinished my old claw foot tub and love it! Thankfully the inside was in good shape and just needed a good scrub, however the outside was another story! I removed layers of old paint, sanded, primed and painted... but couldn't be happier with the results! Can't wait to see what you do with yours! Oh great name for the house!
    dee dee

  4. You are right, claw foot tubs are always perfection and it's my dream to have one someday!

  5. I love that yellow bathroom from Sarah's House.

  6. I refinish tubs professionally and was wondering how the DIY refinishing job is holding up. What product did you use? In any case, I really love claw foot tubs and wanted to add some refinished claw foot tubs to my web page Does anyone know how much a beat up one would run and where I could find them. I'm used restoring other peoples tubs. Lol.

  7. This is exciting!!! I hope you can share it pretty soon. I really love DIY stuffs and thinking of refinishing your soaking tub? I am dying to see how you do it. Please do blog it and i'll keep posted. -


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