Conversation with The Sarge, Part 2

11:16 AM Katy 7 Comments

He called me to say that the work was done, and at some point he said

That reminds me! Whatever you do, DON'T let your plumber hook the new house up to that existing sewer line. I found it and capped it off, but it's really old metal pipe. Probably already has tree roots growing through it. You've got to have a new sewer line tied into the main.

So next steps are surveying, nailing down the design of the house so I can get a foundation quote, and getting myself a new sewer.

I have no idea how much any of this is going to cost. I really don't want to DIY a new sewer line because..well just because.

When you think about it, the most important people in civilization are the plumbers and sanitation workers.

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  1. Wow. It's up to you, but he's probably right and the plumber will probably agree. Way better to run a new line than fight an old one on its way out. This is the magic of building - all of these little things jump up to bite you when you least expect it. :( Good luck!!

  2. composting toilet is sounding good...:)

  3. Can I just say...
    I both admire and cheer on your bravery! As things come up... and they will... I can tell that you will tackle and overcome anything!
    Looking forward to seeing your plans as you narrow down your thoughts and ideas! Here cheering you on, and wishing I lived close enough to come and be your "assisitant builder!"
    Dee Dee

  4. Sounds exciting. All I can say is I"m glad there were no photos with this post!

  5. hey, sarah richardson just said something along that same line when she spent 40k to redo the sewage line in the red brick house she and her leprechaun sidekick were doing!

    can't wait to see the final floor plan!

  6. Well, if worse comes to worse, you really can run a new sewer line yourself. You can do anything! :)


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