Demo: Day 1 Pictures

12:05 AM Katy 9 Comments

The demo man (AKA "The Sarge") must think I am crazy. I call him, text him, talk very excitedly and ask him stupid questions like Are you alright?-- yes really. I worry about people getting injured all the time. I can't turn the "mom thing" off.

The only way that this could be more fun is if I was actually there, driving the excavator myself. woooo hooo

The Sarge is very calm and professional. I think I gave him 3 different phone numbers for calling/texting/emailing pictures and possibly video, and he did put me down gently. I wonder if he's ever had a female client this excited over his work. I am too afraid to ask.

So I take what I'm given. I wish I had some video though. sigh.

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  1. Woot Woot! awesome!!! I can't wait to see the clean slate!

  2. I know I am sooooo EXCITED! lol

  3. How exciting. Your dream is becoming a reality!

  4. Cool! Almost as fun as watching the metal recycling guy smashing cars!

  5. So exciting! We are living vicariously through you! There's a place just outside of Vegas where you can drive all kinds of construction equipment for fun (and a fee!), wanna go?

  6. Katy,
    It will be down before you know it!
    then the real fun begins!!!!!
    Dee Dee

  7. YAHOO you! It'll be SO wonderful to see just the empty lot...for your special magic to start!

  8. i'm excited for you. i'm excited for everyone who follows along and realizes they can go after life the way you are- good for you! you are making art out of all of this!!

  9. omg! maybe sarah richardson is in between flipping houses right now and she and her canuck cherub sidekick boy want to come down and lend a hand (and $) while filming next season's show?

    oh, yeah. they'd be all over this dump.


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