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One thing I don't like about design is that everything gets dated so quickly. Even the latest craze where everybody is painting their kitchen cabinets white -- I love it, don't get me wrong. But back in 2005, having rich woods, red walls, dark granite, and stainless appliances were all the buzz. If you spend a lot of time in the "shelter world", there is a whiplash feeling and you can get sucked into every new trend. (Speaking from experience...)

I've been trying to nail down my long term style. I'm sure it exists. It's been consistent over the last 12 years, because I always know it when I see it.  It's just that it hasn't always been easy to find in magazines.

It is definitely vintage/antique/old but also utilitarian:

(by Jill Brinson - if money were not a problem I would have these windows.)


but this is too much for me:
I love parts of it, but there's too much stuff. If it were my space I would take down everything above the cabinets and that mantel over the window...and the vases...is that wrong?

 I love this too:
But if it were mine I'd probably clear off all the counters, and the tablecloth would probably get stained and packed away.

That doesn't make sense does it? In one breath, I dislike clutter.. but then I see this:
(I think all these pictures are from Country Living & BHG)

I love this except I would delete the coffee table and all the stuff on it. And maybe a little less green pattern on the sofa. See? I'm weird.

So is there a name for it? I like it when a space feels old. I like shelves and stone walls and built ins...but not necessarily all the stuff that goes in them. You know that quote from Chanel: "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off."  I feel that way about interiors.

So part farmhouse, part vintage...and maybe a little minimalist? hmm.

Oh to heck with it. I'll just call myself a Sarah Richardson fangirl and that'll cover it. ;)

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  1. I agree Katy...Sarah is my style idol. Except I want her to do the shopping for all those cool accessories so I don't have to do all that work.

    I did major work on my house over the past couple of years and came up with the moniker "Traditional Southern with a touch of French Country" as my official design style.

    Of course, I'm nowhere close to finished with it, and by the time I get close it will be time to start all over again.


  2. My friend whose hubby was the builder, they had all of these really neat touches throughout their house and it just felt homey. It was never cluttered up but she did have her little treasures here and there. I think my mom put it best, "it's like walking into Grandma's house". Which is dead on, I want something that feels like you're walking into Grandma's house but I want it with today's conveniences because Grandma didn't have a dishwasher and stuff, lol.

  3. Katy,
    Your style sounds similar to mine, which a often refer to as modern countryish! Both my hubby and I like clean lines but vintage pieces. Beyond one bookshelf (where I turned most of the books backward to limit the busyness) I don't have lots of stuff displayed! I get your style and can't wait to see how you incorperate with your new place!
    When we were selecting backsplashes and shower surrounds we went with simple white subway tile. I fell in love with this look when touring the manisions in New Port RI. Almost every wall in the servants floor was covered in white subway tile.... I was hooked!
    In the end go with what "hooks" you!
    Dee Dee

  4. I don't think you can go wrong with that lovely vintage style. It's too far old to be dated. It works. I love a formal,elegant, style, but I am far too messy to pull it off.

  5. I love Sarah Richardson too. You are so right about whiplash from decor trends@! Wonderful blog post.

  6. Modern contemporary minimalist with recyclista trhown in?

  7. Vintage modern... vintage but clean lines and little to no clutter. I like a lot of styles but I want to LIVE in a vintage modern space :) As I designed the house we're building, I put in a LARGE walk-in pantry which is almost as big as the open kitchen space because I wanted the bulk of my stuff hidden. I'm going to keep my small appliances in the pantry with working space to use them there too -- allowing me to keep the counters in the kitchen clutter-free. Makes me wiggle with happiness just thinking about it :) We don't buy a lot of little things to decorate with either. I've never had a nicely turned out coffee table like in the magazines. I generally just keep a large, low basket on it that we brought back from Africa. Part of the anti-clutter sentiment no doubt stems from my childhood of constantly dusting all my mom's tschotkes.


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