A Scary Coffee Table

7:23 AM Katy 8 Comments

It's more Crap from the Shack! I know you're excited!
I found this on the front porch on my first trip to the shack over Thanksgiving. It's probably covered in lead paint and I know it's covered in filth:
Aren't you bummed that I left all those sweet, sweet couches? There were 3 in this house and I wouldn't touch any of them.   Memorieeeeees.... and I thought the broom was a nice touch too.
 I'm sanding this down lightly (outside), using a mask, and waiting til the kids are in bed so everyone isn't breathing in lead. Leg was wonky so it had to be glued.
 hit it with fresh paint and we're ready for the new house. (I keep saying it like that, hoping that if I say it often enough a new house really will appear.)
(I threw all the old soda bottles in the dishwasher)

 And here's what I saw in my head when I first found the table and soda crate on the porch:

Except, you know, in a beach shack. Not in my garage.


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  1. Katy it's all coming together piece by piece. I hope you can get it framed up before this summer, your kids are going to love it.

  2. Ok..I hope you kept that cute little chair! The coffee table turned out fabulous! and so did the soda bottles. Stay positive!! You are amazing and this will all come together...just take it all one step at a time.

    Regarding the window boxes...I haven't ever heard of them harming the house, but I am sure it HAS happened to someone. There are PVC boxes that look wooden that might be a good solution. Lots of options out there. Be sure to check the comments for the post that some of the gals left..great tips on there. Maybe one of them could answer your questions.

    Have a great day Kate. LOVE seeing you transform Shack Crap. Keep it comin'!

  3. Love! you are awesome, makin those dreams come true! love to see your finds from the love shack!

  4. Very Cute! Can't wait to see what else you unearth there as your work progresses.

  5. What a great find Katy! You have a talented eye for seeing the sun through the crap! Keep them coming! Maybe instead of "if you build it they will come" it's more like... " if you fill it... it will come!" Meanwhile you will have the nicest garage on the block!
    dee dee

  6. Isn't it GREAT though!? By the time the new beach house is up, you'll have all the furniture ready!

  7. Wow! The table looks so beautiful.

  8. Nice! I am always so impressed with your tenacity (or ability to fake it) & GOOD CALL on the couches...ick!


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