Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Man just called to say he finally wrestled the permit out of the building department! woo hoo!

Demolition starts Monday, he said he would text me pictures. I'm so freaking excited.

You'd think I wouldn't be this excited to spend a boatload of cash just to get rid of something really awful.

It's kind of like divorce, now that I think about it.
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  1. Katy loved your comment today over at BC re: blogs, I conquered. Hope you got all the good stuff out of the shack before demo, it's going to feel so good getting those progress pics.

  2. I am so excited for you. Hope you post your demo pics. Congratulations!

  3. I've never been so excited to watch something get torn down!


  4. Congrats on your demo...
    My hubby and i spent the past 8 months demoing the inside of our home then putting it back together... so I can feel your excitement!
    Dee Dee

  5. Katy,
    In answer to your question about Madison's closet door. Her door was ordered full sized and we cut some from the top and bottom in order to make it fit. We loved the look of the ladder style doors, but the choices at Home Depot weren't exactly what we were looking for and finding 16 used doors that matched or even came close wasn't working either. We chose a craftsman style door instead. When we purchased the doors, Home Depot was offering a free solid core upgrade... sold! The solid core made it easier to alter the door. I had to laugh at you removing the old bath tub from your place.... I paid $350 for mine and it looked just like the one you removed! I am enjoying following your blog and am looking forward to watching you build (wow) your new beach house! You are inspiring!
    Dee Dee

  6. Love love LOVE the demolition/divorce analogy! SPLUTTER! As always, looking forward to the progress pics!

  7. thanks for your comment on my blog pointing out my lack of subscription options. i had cleaned up the sidebar awhile ago and apparently was a little over-zealous. 2012 is looking better than last year, so cheers to that!

    i'm so excited to watch the progress on your beach house. i know it sounds lame, but i'm so inspired by your tenacity.

  8. HEY young 'un, just a comment on YOUR comment on my blog (gracias) don't have to wait till your wee ones have flown their safe nest to actually take a vacation ALONE...all grown up! Mi casa es su casa. So many wonderful women all over the world whose homes and hearts are open...I'm just sayin...'


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