When Heaven Rains Tools: the Shopsmith Mark V

8:15 AM Katy 3 Comments

I don't even know what all this thing is capable of yet...
 A friend of my dad's had it sitting in storage, and he said I could have it on "permanent loan".
 He doesn't know how to use it (he's a doctor), and one of his patients left it to him.
 It was just sitting there in his shed for years! I have no idea how to use it either, but I'm going to be watching all the Youtube videos on it... I think I see cabinet building in my future.
I ran out and got this after I found out the Shopsmith was coming...

And guess who needs some built ins? My next door neighbor Dawn, one of my favorite single mom friends! She doesn't have money for built ins but we know that's not necessarily a problem right?

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  1. Katy,
    what a wonderful blessing! knowing you, you will have that mystery tool figured out in no time flat! Both you and Dawn will be all the richer because of it! You have a beautiful heart!
    dee dee

  2. You're so awesome! I wouldn't know what to do with it either, and then I'd be too afraid to touch it. This looks like an excellent tool to help you with the beach cottage. It's pretty cool that you can practice on a friend first. Lol.

  3. The Shopsmith is a wnderful tool if you are short on space. One thing to be mindful of with a Shopsmith is to never turn the speed control without the motor running. I would say it is time for some overdue maintenance & lubrication for one that has been sitting unused for a while. There is a wealth of information on the Shopsmith forum www.shopsmith.net.

    Al B


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