Friday, March 23, 2012

I come from a very large family, most of whom were either engineers, mechanics, or inventors. There were also several pilots and many of them built their own houses & boats. (My grandpa, dad, mom, and now my brother all have pilots' licenses.) 

So when I watch my own kids gravitating toward different interests, it's fun to see if any of that family background is manifesting itself. So far, I'm not sure.

My 9 yr old daughter wakes me up on Saturday morning with fancy recipes torn out of the Publix flier. She likes to cook and bake and always wants to try new foods. Every time we go to a restaurant she critiques the food.

And I don't mean the way that my boys do it (i.e. "Yuck"). She says things like:

You know, I love pickles. But I'm a little disappointed there are pickles in this chicken salad.

This needs more salt.

This isn't ripe enough.

I was picturing catfish stew in a red base with vegetables, not like this.   (ew, I don't think catfish stew can be made appetizing but whatever)

I am not a good cook. Food is just something that I inhale as quickly as possible so that I can work without fainting. Usually it comes out of the freezer and i microwave it. I like cereal for dinner, too.

She has persuaded me to start a "foodie blog" for her, so she can post pictures of her recipes. And now I'm putting a vegetable garden in the backyard.

?? I feel so lost. (Her dad's family can't cook either! Anyone else have a kid that is just completely outside your genetic code? ha)

Veggie garden construction starts this weekend, I'm sure I'll have awesome pictures of dirt on Monday. :/
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  1. It's the freedom in allowing them to pursue their dreams even when it make no sense to us that counts! My son just decided to go into culinary and has been accepted to a two year program. Way to go Katy... you rock as as mom!
    Looking forward to seeing the garden come to life!
    dee dee

  2. I don't have kids at all so I can't help there, but I think it's awesome that your daughter is showing an interest in something (and it's even better that she's cooking for you)! Obviously you're not going to be the leader in this case, like you might if you were helping teach her engineering ideas, but you can still go along with it and ask her questions and help her along. Like dee dee said, it's letting them bloom on their own that is important. Your daughter probably knows you're not the culinary expert but still will value your opinion, your time and your support. :) (Are you going to share her foodie blog? I think that's so cool.)

  3. I smiled reading about your young food critic. I think its wonderful that she has found something she loves at such a young age!
    I think you have many wonderful meals in your future!

  4. My daughter has an extreme talent for music. In 3 months of playing the clarinet, she surpasses HS Juniors. She plays the Oboe, and immediately was accepted into the local youth symphony. The piano is self-taught, playing better than me after my 5 years of lessons. Now it's the accordion... I'm tone deaf & can not even carry a tune. When I used to sign lullabies to my children, they would push my mouth shut & say "no sing".

  5. Good for you for going with her passion even if it isn't yours. You might even learn something about cooking and find some new foods you like in the process.

  6. Katy, I just went back a few posts to see what you were all about on here. So refreshingly honest. I hope the garden goes well. I want to create some raised beds for my postage stamp lot. I just need an irrigation system on a timer. I SUCK at watering. It's a miracle we have a lawn left. :)

  7. have i mentioned that i think you are an AMAZNIG mom? i should tell you that more often, i guess.


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