Reclaiming the Bathtub, Part 1

8:47 AM Katy 6 Comments

The clawfoot tub is a much bigger project. Part of the problem is that it's so heavy I can't move it without lots of help.
 I used a pipe wrench and an adjustable wrench to get most of the pipes apart, but the drain was awful. It's two pieces screwed together. You have to hold one side of the drain in place and twist the other half. I couldn't do it so I rigged up this method:
Slide the pliers into the inside of the drain,
 Then slide a wrench over the pliers to hold it in place.
 Then on the underside of the tub, slide the 2nd wrench into the other half of the drain and then pull the wrenches together. The combined torque was enough to finally get it apart, but it took me an hour. My hands and arms were shaking by the time I was done :/

Then stripper, Comet, steel wool and abrasive pads.

The claw feet are my favorite part but the stripper didn't do the job. My hands are worn out. I am going to sandblast the feet before I paint them.

See Part 2 & Part 3 of this series.

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  1. I kinda think the feet look perfect just like they are now.

  2. Keep telling your self it will be worth it in the end! (and if you love it as much as I love mine... it will be) Which room are you planning on putting the sink?
    dee dee

  3. Karin, I feel you on that, however when we removed the tub from its previous home I got the heebie jeebies. I think I need to sandblast it for sanitary reasons. ;)

  4. Katy,
    I always made sure I had help when it came to moving our tub. At one point my husband and I drug it out to the middle of our orchard so I could use our neighbor's hose to clean it out. (Our neighbor a retired plumber had removed all the water lines from our house!) And wouldn't you know it.. our neighbor (he's 80) insisted that he help carry it back to the house!
    But I totally understand.... very heavy! Your sink will look wonderful in the kitchen. Like I've said before, wish I was there to help ya!
    dee dee

  5. i'm back--though not for long! just catching up in the car as we drive from NC to PA. i've been dying to read this since i plan on putting one in our new MBTH and i'll likely be following your lead with this.

    hmmm. guess i'll be finding myself a sandblaster!!


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