Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm doing something totally different and new. I'm taking an art journaling/sketching workshop with Junelle the Lamb Photographer. Me and my daughter are having a good time, but since I'm usually in a grumpy state this is what I sketch when I'm supposed to be sketching happy fun springtime pictures.

It's okay. I'm going to sleep in tomorrow. And my porcelain color matching kit should be coming in the mail very soon.

Baby steps.
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  1. Wow....why would you buy art when you can make your own. What talent!!

  2. Because I'm not imaginative enough...I found this guy in a photo encyclopedia of cats that my daughter brought home, and just sketched his face, I probably couldn't do it if I had nothing to look's too much pressure to come up with art to hang on my walls, and it would end up depressing anyway LOL!

  3. Katy - Don't sell yourself short! That's a great sketch! Hope all is well on your end. Happy Friday!

  4. Baby steps is right! One. day. at. a. time.

  5. Ha ha! I had that cat! I'm pretty sure that's what she was always thinking too. It's a great sketch!

  6. katy! now...what is it you don't do? look at you go!'d only need to see what my sketch would look like to realize you have tons of fireworks in your ..uh..sparkler box! yeah i wish for this in my journal.

  7. Talent out the wazooooo girl!
    When I was in college (getting a degree in art of all things) when I was mad or out of my mind... I'd scribble... big black scribbles!
    Your cat trumps my scribbles!

    dee dee

  8. What's wrong with it? That's a happiest cat!

  9. You are great,quick and talented. I want to take a photography class and a computer class....I could never draw even if I took lots of class and drank bottles of Tequila.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog..I will wait for pictures of your neighborhood

  10. perhaps the class will bring out the happy kitty in you!!


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