Surviving Armageddon, Part 3

9:20 AM Katy 6 Comments

You know what's funny, I started this series a year ago before "Doomsday Preppers" was on TV. lol! I am getting guns too but not because of the imminent world financial collapse --because of THIS.

Anyway. A vegetable garden is important, in the event that society collapses. I want to make this one I saw on the Impatient Gardener:

But I don't want to buy all that wood so I'm making mine out of scrap pallets. (Naturally) Last fall I had some trees cleared in the backyard and now I need to DIY an irrigation system, too.

My daughter (who loves all things cooking and food related) is so freaking excited I thought she was going to pee her pants when we were perusing the vegetable plants at Lowe's.  I think she really is going to be a chef someday. Unless we are nearing the Apocalypse, then she's going to be feeding us in a bunker. Either way, #WINNING!

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  1. Never hurts to be prepared-haha!

  2. RAD! We are big gardeners too, not quite doomsday, but would LOVE to be off the food grid

  3. My son has been asking to garden too! You will have to show us how you build this wonderful garden!
    dee dee

  4. Katy — saw your comment on Impatient Gardener. join a local garden club or society and go to local club sales. Those two things will help you succeed as a gardener.

  5. I love this idea. I wonder if the bins on each side are filled completely with dirt or did she make a false bottom. How will you make yours?

  6. okay, it is freaking me out a bit to see how you do the things i'm planning to do. hmm. i guess this set up should continue to work well for me, though!

    my daughter also LOVEs gardening and, thanks to the HUGE garden at their dallas school, my kids know more about growing than i do! but i'll do almost anything for homegrown tomatoes!!


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