An Unexpected Gift

8:15 PM Katy 5 Comments

The Shopsmith showed up in my garage for free, out of the blue. Then I wrote that post about my friend Dawn and the built-in cabinets I want to build for her family room...

Honestly I haven't given a thought to how I was going to buy wood for Dawn's built-ins. I ran over my son's bike yesterday and totalled it. I also cause a little damage to my car. (So spending money on wood isn't my highest priority this week) Plus I'm frantically trying to save money for the beach house.

Anyway. Guess what showed up in my inbox? A woman named Christine sent me a gift card to Home Depot, enough to get going on Dawn's project! She said she was touched by Dawn and she wants to be a foster parent too someday.

Isn't life crazy?? It's almost like when you decide to do something for others, whatever you need comes your way.  ;)

Thanks Christine! I promise that your gift is being put to use on Dawn's cabinetry. I'll be posting pictures of all the progress for sure. I hope I don't make too many mistakes. ha

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  1. Katy it's so true when you give, you get. The more I give (in every aspect of my life not monetarily) the more I receive back, life is so funny like that. And I'm so glad you can start on Dawn's build. I did buy the Ryobi multi tool flush cut that Sandra spoke of to shave down those pocket hole plugs, thank you for the note on that.

  2. It is always fun to see how God provides! Christine blesses you... you and Christine bless Dawn, Dawn blesses her children... and on and on.
    And I'm blessed by all of you!
    How cool!
    dee dee

  3. just amazing....and a beautiful truth in life.

    now for some bike $....



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