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#1. The Shopsmith and building cabinets for Dawn:  Turns out my awesome new tool pulls 20 Amps on start-up. Which means my little 15 Amp circuit in the garage shorted out. I've already bought my new 20 Amp breaker and I'm trying to get my new circuit rigged up, but I'm having trouble finding time...

#2. But my little kreg jig came in the mail so that's one step closer!

#3. Veggie garden: I started on it this weekend but didn't get too far because...

#4. My daughter tripped over a pillow at a slumber party and dislocated her elbow. We thought it was broken so I spent all day Sunday in the ER with my 3 kids, waiting on X rays, and finally having to hold my girl down on the bed so the doctors could wrench her elbow back into place. She's okay (but swollen) now.

I'm kinda worn out again.

#5. And my dad finished his mini tugboat:
So at least somebody is getting something done. hmph

On the positive side? I totally remembered to pay the bills this month. (Except for the water and trash bill for the beach shack that I tore down, but I'm not scared of their threats to cut off service so I'm STILL WINNING) ha.

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  1. Oh your poor girl :( Big Hugs to her and you, for having to see her go through all that! Hope your week goes much better!

  2. Did anyone notice that I numbered everything wrong in this post? LOL
    Fixed it! whew I can't even count to 5 right now, and I'm engineering stuff today.

  3. Oh Katy,
    Your poor daughter... I dislocated my elbow in high school and was in a cast for weeks... more pain than I care to remember. Hang in there... here cheering you on!
    dee dee
    Oh tell your dad that I'm so impressed with his mini tug boat!

  4. oh wow, i love your dad's tugboat!! your genetic coding is sweet. and i am sorry for your daughter- relocating an elbow: major ouch.

  5. 1. i want to go in that tugboat!!!
    2. ER visits stink.
    3. ER visits suck when it's your child.
    4. i so want to go in the tugboat.
    7. ER visits with children while waiting for your child %$#%.


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