The Vintage Sink

8:14 AM Katy 5 Comments

She's the reason I wanted to buy the property, to be honest. When I walked into that dump, I couldn't think about the location, the lot, the views, or the neighborhood. All I saw was this:

 What was done to her was criminal. The layers of filth, unnecessary putty and paint, the filth:

 The plumbing pipes were wrapped in multiple layers of electrical tape, duct tape, and newspaper. I used my dad's grinder:
 A putty knife to scrape. Comet cleanser. Steel Wool:
I kept scraping some sort of rubbery putty off the surface -- I have no idea what that crap was or why he put it on there.
She's almost there but her smile is missing a few teeth. (She's got chips on the front edge that I'm going to patch with Marine Tex.)

The thing I like best about restoring old things is erasing abuse and replacing it with love. It's not that she'll be perfect -- that's not really the goal.

I can't wait to put her in the cottage in a pretty skirt and shiny new bling!

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  1. Wow Katy, you are one brave woman to even touch that thing. It is GORGEOUS though, so worth all of your hard work!

  2. That sink needed you. It would've drawn me, too, in spite of the filth. Glad you came along and saw its potential.

  3. It really is a great old sink. Glad you could see the potential. Good job Katy!

  4. Drop dead beautiful sink! Can't wait to see it in your new place!
    dee dee


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