Whta? Did you say somthings?

3:52 PM Katy 7 Comments

In my daily routine I keep many plates spinning in the air... but periodically all the plates come crashing down and I have to re-group.

I'm physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually worn out this week. I'm not very good at this whole Life business.

Like Snooki after a hard night on the Shore... maybe I just need a spray tan and some whiskey, and I'll be back at it.
Or maybe I'll just go to bed early this week.

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  1. Oh God Bless. Hang in there, sometime Life is just way tooooooooo hard and way toooooooooooooo stressful. Just keep a happy thought, change what you can, and forget the rest. Hugs, Marty

  2. Oh Katy.... Like Marty said, God bless you and give you the strength to walk thur it all.... Like eating an elephant one bite at a time and time to digest in between.....
    dee dee

  3. Thanks for the giggle. A good night's rest always does a Mother good. Hang in there and pray...God will always be right by your side!!!

  4. Take a you day, take a bath with a glass of wine(or tequila), candle and a book, get takeout for dinner (or something you can nuke in 2 minutes). One step in front of the other...soon you will feel better.

  5. Praying for rest in every way. Sometimes a time-out from all the unnecessary IS NECESSARY.

    For some people the best thing is a day away from it all, doing something they enjoy, with a change of scenery and maybe a good friend...

    While others (like me) prefer a day at home, not answering the door or the phone, hunkered down with my favorite comfort foods, a good book, a silly movie, all alone with the PEACE AND QUIET.

    I don't know if you can manage either at this point, but I hope you can! Sometimes we go at break-neck speed for so long we don't even know how to slow down.

  6. Years ago, when my father was dying, I would walk to my office and look at the faces of the people passing me by. I would marvel about how you can't tell what people are dealing with just by looking at them.

    Today I am donning my (figurative) t-shirt with the saying across the front "I'm in pain, people!!"

    Go ahead, put on your t-shirt, and pull the covers over your head. The world will wait.

  7. oh, honey, don't look to snooki for help EVAH. eek. tequila? maybe. beer? absolutely.

    clearly you pushed through the broken pieces, yet again. i'm still trying to stop the bleeding!


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