It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

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This is the theme of my entire life.  Just in case you were thinking that going to the beach with little kids is a blast. Which of course it is, unless you are in our family.
 I decided that since we can't build our beach house quite yet, the next best thing is to use the empty lot for parking. We might as well take advantage of our little patch of sand. You know what's so hilarious about this adventure? I drove a total of 6 hours on Saturday to spend a total of 1.5 hours on the beach. And I even packed a novel, imagining that I might get to read it. LOL!
 I parked the van where Shorty's hot mess used to be. Then I discovered that my van's front tires sank in the sand and were spinning uselessly. I had this sick feeling, like Oh GOD NO I don't want to call a tow truck to get un-stuck from a sandpit! Please!

But thankfully my back tires still had enough traction on the gravel road, so we were okay. Barely. We saddled up the bikes with the new wire baskets that I bought Friday and zip tied to the handlebars so they could carry their own towels and drinks. (Wish I'd read the reviews first)  LOL!

I was so stressed and screeching about staying to the side of the road so we wouldn't get run over -- 3 little kids on bikes they can barely control because the baskets were a little too heavy, and cars zipping all around us -- it was heart attack city.  Plus I got a little lost and couldn't figure out which road was the quickest way to the beach. I gave up and took the bikes back to the van.
We walked. Mommy had to carry all the crap. It was exhausting. Then the little umbrella wouldn't stay in the sand, so Mommy's skin was on fire pretty quick and we couldn't stay too long.
(Note to self: remember that if you forget your sun hat, the island shops charge $30 for one. Not to mention the SPEEDING TICKET I got on the way down.)
I love that "pencil sketch" option in's photo editor, don't you? So fun.

After spending $80 on a speeding ticket, $50 on emergency supplies at the Beach shop, $50 in gas, $50 on useless bike baskets, and $20 on drive-thru sustenance, it wasn't the cheap trip I imagined. Plus almost getting the van stuck in a sandpit. (which turned into a mudpit with everyone trying to rinse themselves off with their bottled water. I accidentally poured someone's apple juice all over someone else's sandals.)

It kinda reminds me of when the kids were babies and I took them to Sea World by myself. One walking, one in a stroller, and one strapped to my chest. In 100 degree San Antonio heat.
I think the easiest thing I ever did was drive them through one of those safaris where you don't get out of the car. (way more fun than Sea World.)

I sometimes overestimate myself & might possibly be a wackjob. My only hope is that someday the memories will be something we can laugh about. I'm starting to think the chorus of "we love you mom" is their way of showing pity. It sounds similar in tone to "nice try".

They are also getting good at praying for me when the situation is going downhill. Bless their little hearts.

{oh -I finally met my next door neighbor! Hi Sharon! *waving* }

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  1. Oh Katy that does sound like a dosey of a day, you are super mom and you powered through!

  2. Funny. We have 4-year-old twins and most outings are still no fun for us either. We always say our mistake is to THINK something will be fun! Then we remind ourselves to adjust our idea of fun and try to really enjoy the fun MOMENTS. But mostly we just stay home. That can be fun.

  3. Oh, to be sure, they will remember it fondly. It will be cute when they reminisce - "Remember that time mom thought she could park in the sand? LOL"

    Hey it's waaaaay better than my mom who never lifted a finger to try to do anything with us!

  4. Oh Katy,,,,,
    I am speechless. My mind is racing for something witty or helpful, but all I can think of is sorry and I do agree with you that someday this will be something to laugh about.
    dee dee

  5. You are an awesome mom, I don't care what you think! And I think deep down, your kids know it.


  6. i ditto the awesome mom comment.... AND you are showing your kids how to figure things out along the way. life is not perfect, things don't always turn out as we expect and it's better to roll with it and take chances than to sit in a corner in fear.

    you rock!!

  7. I've got to come up with a different plan. I've decided that we're not trying this again until I have (at the very least) an outdoor shower and a wagon with big tires.

    then I think oh screw it -- I just need to get the house built as quickly as possible. Then I can sell it. HAHAHAHA

  8. When I am in such situation it helps me remember some places I've been where people struggle to eat once a day or survive altogether. Then I realize that I am facing and inconvenience and try to deal with it. Like the Phoenix, rise from the ashes and keep going. It's life. All this said, I also want to (just want!) kick the car's door and say words that are not in the dictionary, but then, like you, I am just human and full of limitations.

  9. I'm a single mom of 2 and that sounds exactly like something I would have done. And I love your blog.

  10. Hi Katy, I was about to post to say to buy a wagon with big tires and then when you can afford it set up the plumbing for an outdoor shower. But I see that you already thought of it!
    Two things I would add, are:
    - you may want a wagon that is big enough to cart a kid back to the car in for situations when say a kid hurts their foot.
    - if you can, you may want to purchase an inexpensive lockable shed. Something just big enough to change clothes in and to store spare hats, sunscreen, extra beach towels, beach toys, maybe some snacks, etc. Nothing valuable, just things you'll need/want to have on hand for your days on the beach, in case you or the kids forget anything.

    If it makes you feel any better: I can't tell you the number of times I've traveled hours to get to the beach only to realize I forgot my bathing suit...

  11. we never remember perfect times because they were perfect. we remember them fondly because of all the screwy things that happened. that's how we bond. when my kids were little, my then husband accidentally locked the keys inside our truck. which wouldn't have been a big deal if we weren't in the mountains 30 miles from the nearest town, and all the provisions to survive the snow and the cold weren't locked in the truck. but! he hitched a ride with the only other truck out there. got dropped off at a sheriff's shack who called someone with tools and willing to drive him back out to where me and my little kids had spent 5 hours staying warm and "having fun" in the snow and moose-filled forest. we've cut down our own xmas trees for years- but that year is their favorite memory. go figure.

    oh and i snorted pepsi out my nose reading about how you poured apple juice over someone's sandals! hello! yep!



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