Kid-Size Critter Proof Veggie Garden

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They are gone for Spring Break this week to their dad's, and because I worry non-stop about their safety I have to work like a dog. Keeps me from having a full-on anxiety attack.
 I started out trying to copy Erin's veggie garden, but with free scrap pallets. This turned out to be a mistake because it's 3X the amount of work to cut them apart, plus I had to buy some cheap luan sheets to cover the gaps.

 I am not measuring anything or using a level. I can't stop to plan this out or be precise, I have to keep moving. I am literally throwing this thing together, it's all crooked but I don't care.
 Nylon netting. This will get stapled all over the frame, after I get the dirt delivered. i tried to use my kreg jig for the first time but it was a disaster because I couldn't concentrate on figuring out the positioning. So I just got out the nail gun and glue.
 You know, I save all the hardware from my furniture destruction. This comes in handy when I need hinges and a handle for a door:
 Because I am throwing this together on the verge of a panic attack (did I mention that yet?), the middle aisle ended up only being 15" wide. It's the perfect size for kids, so I made the door 18" wide and 6' tall. They can slide their little selves in there to water and pick veggies.

End of the weekend, the fabric is down and I'm ready for soil.

(these pallets are not chemically treated so don't freak out that I'm going to poison the vegetables and make my kids eat them. )

(I also got estimates for my beach shack, but that's another post. Maybe later this week. )

God, let Saturday come quickly.

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  1. 1. I am sorry you are worrying about your kids, but completely understand;
    2. I think your daughter is going to be thrilled with her new "chef's garden" when she/comes home; and,
    3. The cat being in the middle of everything cracks me up because that is what cats do!

  2. The kids will love it. I am sorry you are feeling so anxious. Working off the anxiety usually works for me, but a full week of it would probably kill me!!! Hang in there and take some time to do something nice for YOU!

  3. You are a fantastic mom! The kids will love this.
    I am sorry that you are in a current state of panic, wish I could say something to help, but as a mom I know better! Hang in there, keep busy and don't forget to breath!
    dee dee

  4. Looks like a job well done. Your kids will love it now and keep the memories forever. I can understand the worry, it's part of being a parent. My son is almost twenty and the worry never goes away, you just gain confidence in their ability to fend for themselves.

  5. i think you need to change the above to "my 12 ring circus". i'm exhausted and stressed out just reading your posts in order as i travel north.

    how do you do it? maybe you need to compile these posts into a book? you know, in your spare time.


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