Saturday, April 7, 2012

I had to haul 45 bags of soil and manure down this slope (1 at a time), but it was worth it.
I took a video of when the kids jumped out of the car and ran down the slope. I love surprising them. This project took me several days and I am so worn out I can barely type.
My neighbor Dawn came up with the name, since I was complaining to her how crooked the whole structure is. (I told her I don't want anyone to see this and know that I'm an engineer. The whole stereotype about being anal about details? eh..)
My son hates vegetables with the heat of a thousand suns. He was disgusted by the idea of a vegetable garden until I reminded him that strawberries come from plants, too.
Actually both boys perked up once the discussion led to strawberries.
They don't care about anything except the strawberries.
My daughter really wants to make salsa, however, so we've got tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, & cilantro. Plus dill and parsley. I bought my picky son a watermelon starter packet, but it's not going to fit in this structure. We'll put that elsewhere. ;)

I cleaned out the Dollar Store's selection of tacky garden art. I'm not gonna lie: it was the most fun I've had in a while.

(My mom taught my youngest boy how to play checkers. I had to have this)

My daughter kept saying "It's so much more awesome than I pictured!" because she thought I was just building a plain garden box low on the ground (like a traditional veggie bed).
I used this to talk to her about God's gifts. They are always so much more awesome than we can imagine, because He knows just what kind of junk garden art we would love. He knows exactly what would make our heart go pitter-pat!
This is the first time I've ever tried to grow anything. Hopefully my daughter will take charge. This garden design was inspired by the critter-proof veggie garden that Erin's husband built for her, see that here. (Their version is much larger, and like, not crooked.)
See here for pics of my process of building this out of scrap pallets.
I've got to get back to my other projects, so I'm finished with gardening for now. Ha!
(Since this enclosure is covered in netting, do you think we could hatch butterflies in there too? Maybe the net holes aren't small enough.)
 UPDATE:  Here is the garden a year later after I added the side bed:

 we're attempting a lot more vegetables this year, and a bigger strawberry harvest!
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  1. This is so cute! what a great idea.

  2. Oh my gosh Katy.... you rock as does the "crooked garden!" And even more importantly you made it through the week and the kids are now home safe and sound under your roof! I was telling my son about this garden just today and hope to convince him to build one like it! You are an inspiration!
    Happy Easter!
    dee dee

  3. I know you must be thrilled that the kids are back. The garden was a wonderful welcome home for them. It is beautiful! I think a garden like that would make me very happy too!

  4. Katy it is so perfect!


  5. You know I've looked and looked at the pictures and I can't find one crooked board. All I see is a really Happy Place you built for your kids, Enjoy it!

  6. Outstanding great Job !!

  7. crooked? not to me.... or to the little one who thinks it's better than she ever imagined!

    now can you stop raising that "mom" bar so freakin' high? chill, girl.

  8. bummer!! i'm all caught up and still have battery left in my laptop and 3 hours to go! waaaaaaa! i want to read more!!

  9. You are the best memory maker! Your kids will love gardening!

  10. This is wonderful! Awesome!

  11. Awww ... This is sooo awesome... What a great mommy u are..!! I can't wait until I'm all settled so I can relax and do things with kiddies.. :) love u! Marisabel

  12. Wicked awesome Katy! Just be sure to keep it well watered as it is above grade and will dry out a lot faster than the ground. Also, spread some dried blood or other rabbit repellant around those strawberries or they will get decimated overnight.

  13. This is great! I don't have kids, but I want one for myself, haha. And I love kitschy garden art. It just needs a pink flamingo or two. :)

  14. That looks great! Tell Brooke that my friend's hubby makes a delicious salsa, everything fresh and the not so secret ingredient is strawberries.

  15. you RAWK!!! seriously! what a mom and wow, even now you have all this poetry going on with you (ex: hating with the heat of a thousand suns). when i think the world is impossible i stop by here because every time you are here showing me how possible the world is.

  16. i absolutely love it! discovered your blog through off to look around some more now.

  17. This is adorable!! I am wanting to put in a garden and hope that if my daughter helps she'll be more open to what she eats. (She also has reflux disease so I would like to grow fruits & vegi's she CAN eat too) I was told raised beds are easier. I also just saw a site about Straw Bale Gardening. I'm looking at your Crooked Garden :) and thinking I could incorporate both.

    Btw...I LOVE you're site! You are so inspiring! I am a single mom and have been divorced for 15yrs now. I bought an 8pc 18v cordless power tool set 2yrs ago because I wanted to learn to make and do things myself (my son keeps wanting to take my tools though...LOL). I see your projects and think maybe I really can :)

    Do you ever take suggestions on things to make? (like maybe I tell you something I'd really like to make and you do the prototype..haha)

  18. How do I select a profile to sign a comment? I have to use anonymous to sign :/

  19. THere is a pull down box under the comment section to select a profile...
    I take suggestions but it depends on what I've got going on at the moment. Right now I'm building cabinetry but I'm always open to dropping everything and chasing after whatever new idea comes up. ;)

  20. So cute... even for adults. I am working towards my first garden and love this! Thanks for sharing with us. :)

  21. I am totally making this for my son for his birthday. Thank you for the fabulous idea!!!!

  22. I love this idea, you did an awesome job!! I am totally making my son this :0)

  23. Holy Hannah!! Where do you get the time girl? That looks amazing and you should be so proud of it. Your kids must be so proud of their mom! If only they had taste-a-blog and we could taste the wonderful salsa that will come from your garden. Way to go Katy!


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