Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Me: "I just got the survey back -- the lot isn't a SQUARE! All the documents said it was SQUARE!"

Architect: "This is very bad. Did you already buy this lot?"

Me: "........yes....."

Architect: *some panicked conversation about having secret relationships with the building officials and applying for variances and oh God we're going to have to build a TOWER *

Who knew I was going to build Rapunzel's Tower at the beach, kittens?

Let's not panic yet. I'm praying about it.

(You know, this could be kinda cool. My architect is having a panic attack right now though. Funny -- when someone else has the panic attacks for me, it really frees me up to look at the bright side!)
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  1. Not square? What does that mean? Didn't you have to see the lot blueprint (can't think of what its called) when you bought the property?

  2. Yes there was a discrepancy between the plot I saw and the one that just surveyed - basically instead of a 47'X50' box, I've got a diamond shape.
    Maybe if I build a diamond shaped house? Instead of a rectangle? lol

  3. How about a diamond shaped tower?

  4. yes! ;)

    fingers crossed that I get that variance....!

  5. Can you build the house at an angle? And where do you find the responsible party so you can throttle them, lol?

  6. How was shortys shack placed?? Is there any sort of foundation footing left so you could try to grandfather it in???

  7. Shorty's house was built in 1930, so the building powers that be would not allow it to be renovated or rebuilt on those footings. (I wrote about that on a previous post.(http://momandherdrill.blogspot.com/2012/05/how-building-tiny-house-opened-door-to.html)

    Good news -- I'm probably going to get my variance but there are more hoops to jump through and I got lucky....

  8. i love when i come in too late too worry! glad to hear about the variance...what next????

  9. In the words of good old Charlie Brown AHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGG.......
    so sorry sweetie......
    Praying that it all works out soon.
    dee dee

  10. i like your last comment- that when someone else has the panic attack- it frees you up for the bright side. oh yeah boy- i relate to that. maybe it is that we are just ornery (?!), but i do like finding the exception to the rule and i know you are just the one to make this happen. but sorry that it adds more layers of stress to your life.

  11. Standing by for more updates. Maybe the variance folks will let you sing, "Diamonds Aren't A Girl's Best Friend?"...you can dress and sing like Marilyn M. I think that would do it.

    Re: Your question about How Do You Know When To Save Territory...I have a wordy answer with the orig. post when you have a chance, but it comes down to, Do you have something to work with?

    ...and I like your Menu Bar idea and the way things are set up here at the top...is that hard to do?

  12. so you know what combines both a diamond shape and a tower? a SMOOSHED PYRAMID. seriously, it could be amazing.

  13. well we might end up with a smooshed pyramid. At this point I will get a variance but the issue is whether or not it'll be enough.

    Don't you think the neighbors will have a fit if I build a wild looking tower beside their houses?

  14. how about a house on wheels? Screw the variances... seriously... you have water and septic hook ups right? Spend some time on the tinyhouse blog... there are some radically amazing things going on over there... you can build one on a trailer axle.... you could do this and save tons of money, or buy something ready made.... : ) Brings new meaning to "think outside the box (er.... "diamond shape") !" You can do this!!! Never let reality discourage your dreams!

  15. Hi Sheila! I've been reading the tiny house blogs for a while, and I like the concept. But I don't like the 100-sq-ft.-house-on-a-trailer idea for my family. I have too many kids and I'm trying to put some value back on this lot. (My sewer has to be replaced too)
    I am a fan of tiny houses - just not quite that tiny. I like the "under 1000 sq ft" kind of tiny...if that makes sense. And I can't build anything like that on this lot because it's too close to the beach and the building and zoning regulations are incredibly intense - if I had some land in the country somewhere that was less regulated I would be more open to that idea for sure!

  16. I meant that I can't build a house on an axle on this lot -- but I *am* building something tiny, like 750 sq ft..

  17. Well young'un, I just KNOW you'll find the PERFECT engineering solution to your temporary dilemma! THANKS for your sweet comment on my NOT very active blog...but eventually it will be resurrected. Relocating to a new continent has consumed a LOT of my recent time. However, I am settling in to Ecuador, have the sunburn to prove it and am HAPPY here. I have some NICE space if you can ever get away for a visit...CUENCA...Google it!!!


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