Forcing A Positive Voice

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I was internet surfing recently and ran across one of those "blogging tips" articles, where the writer explains that the secret to people being interested in your blog is writing in a positive voice. (tee hee!)
I was in Florida this week for an electric utility trade show. My kids were staying with my parents while I was gone.
I came home and discovered my house had a terrible smell that I couldn't identify. (The dying hermit crabs?) I had a couple of BIG doctor bills waiting. The yardwork is screaming  (the huge holes all over the lawn need to be addressed but I have no time). The oil needs changing, the turn signal in my car burned out and almost caused a bad wreck, and finally the van door was stuck again and I finally ripped the handle off while trying to get it open:
You know what my problem is with staying in a positive voice?

While I was writing this last night, one of my kids choked on a quarter. We had to go to the hospital again.
On the way to the hospital, the van door suddenly slid open on its own. The high speeds on the highway created enough wind force on the broken handle to unlatch it. As I was screaming my mom jumped across the backseat and managed to close it. Thank God I didn't make this discovery while my 5 year old was sitting there.

Happy Mother's Day! (Here's the Positive Voice. Makes you wanna come back for more.)  *wink wink*

The kids told me they loved me, gave me some cool presents, and now they're out back digging a grave for a hermit crab. We're also hoping that the quarter makes an appearance soon so we don't have to go back to the hospital, but she's been complaining of abdominal pain so I'm scared....

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  1. I was just thinking of you today. I hope your girl gets rid of the quarter quickly and no more trips to doctor required. What is it with kids and freak situations?

  2. Oh my.....Happy Mothers Day. Remember-God only gives us what we can handle. You seem to handle things very well!

  3. Holy crap Katy, every time I come over to your blog, there is some story that would have made me absolutely lose it. I would have lost it lugging all that beach stuff and three kids....but you seem to just keep moving forward. Just think of how you'll laugh when all the kids are older. Just keep telling yourself that at least....

    Happy Mother's Day

  4. Oh boy.... my sister can relate.... I get a text last night at 9:30 saying they were at the hospital with my niece who has successfully broken her fore arm, both bones in half... Two hours later they were heading down to the downtown children's hospital to have it set and splinted. Sending you positive thoughts today! And please hang in there!
    dee dee

  5. say no to the fakey positive voice and say yes to the genuine ohmeingottnotagain thing you have going on.

    quarters: my son was scheduled for an MRI to determine whether he had a brain tumor or not. imagine the stress as we waited the 36 hours for the procedure. he went out with friends & had a couple beers, crawled into my bedroom at 3am that night and said: mom, i might have swallowed a quarter. (which means- no MRI if he has metal inside him) (which meant waiting for the quarter to ...uh...pass) (which meant not being sure if it passed or not and so extra $$ x-rays were ordered to spot the quarter in his digestive system.)

    we get through things but not by using our cheery inside voice. i don't believe god gives us anything to handle, but i do believe he is right there beside us, patting our back, and saying "this is how life is." i hope things turn for you as they did for me that one time (the brain tumor was bells palsy, which isn't great news, but better than a tumor.)


  6. word, sherry!

    we've got an appt at the hospital for tomorrow morning, looks like a scope down the throat because it doesn't want to move.

    Sometimes I want to marry an anesthesiologist. For a discount. :(

  7. Okay, I will say this. Your life drama would send me to a shrink almost everyday. I am so glad I am not the only one who faces these type of situations that add new grey strands to my hair.

    Oh well, at some point we will laugh about it. Until then, let's continue to comiserate together and we'll be alright.

    Thank you very much for sharing!


  8. phew! i was wondering where you've been!

    kids should be born w/ a colander on their throats. we had a nice ambulance ride after my son managed to suck down the top (sharp!) half of a plastic spoon. yup. no lie.

    i don't come here for happy... i come hear for normal. and real. and funny as $@&#.

    happy bores the heck outta me. fingers crossed for the quarter!

  9. Your Mothers Day reminds me of a Fathers Day I had when my son was small. That Fathers Day was spent at the Hospital trying to figure out why my son had suddenly presented violent tremors. Apparently a reaction to a vaccine administered as he was coming down with the Flu.

    As we returned home late that evening, we were greeted with a small river flowing out from our garage(Ruptured Water Heater). Unlocking the front door,with my now feverish and sweaty boy in my arms, I recall thinking,yup this is fatherhood.

    I truly hope everything turns out okay. It takes someone special to absorb all the drama and move forward to the next challenge with some semblance of control. They have a special name for them...Mom. Happy Mothers day!


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