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It's been a while. But there's more. I hadn't gotten around to digging through the rest of that buried gold - but this weekend everyone was sick with the flu (I know right? in May). so I decided to bust out some more of the trash.
There were several really old mirrors in the house, and I snagged most of them. I won't have to buy mirrors for the bathrooms in the new house!
The thing that I really like about the previous owner is that his entire shack was 40 years worth of scavenging and repurposing. Like electrical conduit used to hang a mirror:
Unfortunately he may have also smoked in his house for 40 years. Which means I had to scrub everything with bleach, hose it down, and apply stain and odor blocking Kilz primer to the frames. There's no way to rescue wood that's been covered in filth and nicotine for half a century, other than paint.
I even coated the backs of the mirrors with clear coat. Trying to seal every inch of surface area - I was afraid that if anything was left unsealed, it might give off an unpleasant odor.
Here they are, clean and painted random colors from my spray paint collection:
hanging in the garage behind the Shopsmith,


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  1. mirrors waiting- very poetic, ya know?! i like the way the red pairs up with the light blue. and the way you know what you are doing and that you get a sense of shorty as you sort through his stuff. oh and great shots via the mirrors!


  2. I always wonderif putting a thick layer of baking soda (dry) would remove the odor. It works for carpet if you leave iton long enough.

  3. Mirror... mirror on the wall.....
    with all your hard work
    they won't smell at all
    Red, n white and a bit of blue
    In your cottage they'll look so cool!

    Hope everyone gets well soon!
    dee dee

  4. Excellent! You may be the long, loss twin of Rehab Addict Nicole C. Well done.

    I was looking for some pictures of the other run-down house you've mentioned. Are there any on this blog?


  5. I think it's great the way you're mindful of the prev. owner and using salvaged items (mirrors, mailbox, etc.) very cool.

  6. oh, the stories these pieces will bring to your beach cottage!

  7. Love Shorty's crap after your makeovers!

  8. Is it just me or does it really add to these pieces simply knowing a snippet of their previous owner's life? It provides these pieces an interesting story. And with a nickname like "Shorty" - could it be any better?


  9. Love the mirrors and the colour choices!


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