When Your Kid Swallows Enough Change for a Coke

2:32 PM Katy 7 Comments

The GI doctor put a scope down her throat and retrieved not 1, but 2 quarters from her stomach. Which might explain why they stubbornly hung out in her belly, giving her sharp pains. This will probably cost me another $1,000 out of pocket. The anesthesiologist takes his sweet time sending out his bills, too. For all the money I've spent on him this year, I should get a thank you note. (I briefly wonder what kind of car his wife drives and feel jealous.)

The kid is going back to school tomorrow, no worse for wear. *edited to add* everyone (including her) thought she only swallowed one, they were stuck together on the way down and in her stomach. The GI doctor looked mildly amused when he handed me the change.

Even though my life is one disaster after another, we are making progress. As I write the check to the hospital and cry, the architect and engineer are drawing up the beach shack plans and drainage plans and hurricane/FEMA/whatever plans....and my little dream is moving forward.

I will post them as soon as they are finished. In the meantime, the surveyor went out to my lot and did his business.

Now if I could just find an anesthesiologist who'd be willing to barter his services for, say, something built out of scrap pallets?

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  1. If it weren't for kids, we could all build a mansion! I am glad she is better. And a big hug or a sleepy smile from our children always makes them seem worth it! Things will get better.

  2. hahaha! ok, I'm sure the whole ordeal wasn't a laughing matter, but you'll have some good stories to tell!


  3. oh dear..... once again my sister can relate.... I got a text at 9:00 Sunday night they were in the emergency room with her oldest daughter... broken fore arm both bones clean through. At this point I think they should buy stock in the hospital, at least they would have a chance of a return on investment!
    Glad you little one is well and back in school.....Can't wait to see the new plans! sending u a big hug!
    dee dee

  4. I'm glad the procedure seemed to go smoothly. And, how cool is it that they can do that with a scope instead of surgery? I'll keep the patient, AND her momma, in my prayers tonight.

  5. I know right? People keep asking the kid "how are you" and I want to yell "SHE'S FINE, WHAT ABOUT ME!?"

    I need a Valium.

  6. Why is she eating change? Do we need to send her a piggy bank? ;) <3

  7. are you not feeding this chick enough?

    how about an anesthesiologist who wants to vacation at a brand new beach shack???? ugh. chin up, friend. this, too, shall pass...faster w/ a drink in one hand!


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