Car Paint & the Antique Bed: Reveal

10:31 AM Katy 23 Comments

My dad builds boats, so he took me to his secret paint hook-up on the west side of the city.

Ok it's not really a secret. They sell to auto body shops. But I've never bought this kind of paint before!

Not every state allows this paint to be used. Car paint is much harder than house paint.  (I feel bad for anyone who lives in California. The EPA sucks rocks).

This means the bed won't get all scratched up/flaking off like it probably would if I used spray paint.

So the Car Paint Man mixed me up some custom blue, and I asked for extra silver metallic too...

An antique 1880's iron bed:

like a Cadillac, baby.

Thank you for all your suggestions on colors for the bed. I wanted to paint 14 beds after that, using every available color in the spray paint section at Lowes. But then my dad convinced me that regular paint wasn't the way to go, and I thought:

 ocean blue metallic auto paint. It just had to be done. Am i right?

One of my nieces saw the bed tonight (up on blocks at my dad's shop) and said "Aunt Katy! Thank you for my new bed!" :)

Total cost of this project:

antique iron bed = $250
Omni auto body paint in custom blue = $39 (This color is close to BM Seaport Blue, and Viper Bright Blue)
extra lacquer thinner = $17
beer for my dad= $14

= $320

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  1. I LOVE that. It turned out like I imagined. Wicked cool. Now you need to make some hubcap shaped silver throw pillows.

  2. I like the significance of the photo : ))

    New bed but still sleeping on the floor....under the frame.

    Just s funny note, what a great piece of work. Congratulations. Now you got me thinking and researching those paints.

  3. brilliant AND beautiful! your dad rocks!!

  4. Gorgeous color! Thank you for sharing.

  5. I'm green with envy. It turned out GORGEOUS!

  6. if i could just have your vision! (and i say this even after reading the previous post regarding the beach tower . . .) and then maybe borrow your dad every once in awhile (love that little tug from a while ago).


  7. Just beautiful, Katy! I love the color - it glows!

  8. Gorgeous! I wish I had some beds to paint!

  9. Awesome Baby!!!! I love that color! So funky-cool! Could work for either a boys room or girls.... You did great! You are manifesting this dream, one piece of love at a time! ; ) You are so inspirational! I'm a single mom and I sure wish there was someone like you near me to teach me how to take care of my house and use a drill!!! I bought my own house last year for me and the kids, I still can't believe I did it but I am getting sick of paying handymen ... I'm in the northeast tho, pretty far away....

  10. Oh baby oh...... I'm so in LOVE!
    dee dee

  11. Beautiful! My favorite color too!

  12. Hmmm, that's a dangerous idea you've given me, lol. I think I have my dad's paint cans stashed away somewhere. Whenever he painted a car it was usually with a metallic flake and his paint jobs were always flawless. There's a bunch of furniture hiding out in my in-laws barn that are 70s leftovers, the metal and smoked glass stuff. With as gorgeous as the bed frame turned out, I'd love to see what I could do with some of that stuff.

  13. Love it! You're great and I think I'd want to be your friend if you lived in my hood.

  14. Did you brush it on or spray it? If you sprayed it what equipment did you use?

  15. Just beautiful, Katy! I love the color - it glows!

  16. Sexy as hell to boot. You really sell it! Modela!

  17. Pretty color of antique iron beds and car paint is really perfect choice for antique furniture which is much harder than house paint.

  18. Hello katy,
    This is such a nice post and your thought is too good. Thank you for your nice sharing. I like the color of blue. Most of the thing is your creation was too good.


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