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10:07 AM Katy 6 Comments

Oh, where to start?? I'll go full-on engineer here and post this just as bullet points. So much easier on my noggin.

>My variance setback request has been forwarded to the building department and we are awaiting a judgment on whether I'll be building Rapunzel's tower with a $30k elevator shaft, or whether I'll be able to build the cottage on stilts that I was planning. Stay tuned...

>I only had to pay the Surveyor another $100 for this unexpected snafu. Awesome!

>My kids had to go to see their dad for the whole month of June since they are out of school now. I am trying not to stress out about this because I have no control over their safety. I am praying every second of every day.
>I am working like crazy while they are gone, trying to get as many projects finished as possible. The iron bed is getting its paint job tonight when I get home from work. Stay tuned on that one...

>I have often wished that there was a building contractor who blogged about his process. I never was able to find one UNTIL NOW. Introducing Trent, from "Blood, Sweat, and Pig's Ears" -- naturally he would pick a title that evokes totally gross mental images. But I'm all over his blog like white on rice. Please, if you know somebody trying to build a house on their own, send them the link to his site!! He's great, he's interested in doing the impossible, and he has loads of experience and wants to help others -- that is so hard to find in contracting!

>In completely unrelated news, my friend Kim is giving away a romance novel on her blog, and the giveaway deadline is tonight. If you like bodice rippers (and who doesn't? I love a good stage coach robber or pirate like any other girl! Although I think this book has a contemporary setting for all you non-nerds who like chick lit.) - enter her giveaway.

I think that about covers it for today. Love you guys and gals who visit and comment on my progress - y'all are the best.

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  1. Thanks again for your comments and link, Katy. Tangled was on the TV in our living room over the weekend...that's a good looking tower.

  2. Hopefully if you stay busy enough the time will go fast. I can't wait to see what you do with that bed. I love it already.

  3. I am eagerly waiting with fingers crossed to hear if you get your variance. Can't wait to see the bed, too.

  4. Oh I know you... you will find something to do to keep you busy every second those kids are gone, giving me something to look forward to in the form of your posted projects. I'll lift a prayer up for them too! Remember.... keep breathing!
    dee dee

  5. Praying right WITH you for your precious kiddies young'un...keep the faith...

  6. Hi Katy, Long time no talk! I had to get a new computer as my old one was on its last legs. I am back. I will probably post next week as I am getting photos sorted right now. I was reading through your last few posts and hopefully you are all over the flu! Sounds like your house is coming one step closer to reality! Always so many obstacles. Time will fly while your kids are gone and hopefully you can call them throughout their visit. I am always hoping for good things to come your way. Cheers!


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