Sunday, July 1, 2012

Okay if you remember, my dad built a mini tugboat over the winter:
He drove the tugboat, which we roped to the pontoon boat (captained by my Uncle Ed):

and we traveled across the lake, having to stop once mid-way for refueling. It was chaotic-- there were tons of boats and jet-skiers flying along beside us creating HUGE wake. This caused issues with keeping the tugboat and the pontoon attached without sinking the tugboat. I was totally white-knuckle terrified. It wasn't quite the smooth ride we were hoping for.
 My mom & Aunt Robin drove my mom's Kenner on one side of us, and we were flanked by my brother, uncles, and cousins on the other side:

We made it to the judges:

The parade float was a Popeye theme, that my Aunt Jenny created. We had a Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty, Popeye and all of his friends, giant cans of spinach on the back, and plenty of swag.

And we won first place. Not sure how many entries there were, but typically there are around 30 boats competing. We're waiting for our moment on local television, the evening of the 4th. It was a crazy day! But we survived to celebrate:

Happy 4th of July, happy reunion to our family, and be careful out there on the water!!
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  1. That is totally awesome! What fun!


  2. Wow, all your Dad's hard work paid off. Sounds like a fun day

  3. That is so very cool! Tell everyone involved in the hard work, "Congratulations!"

  4. Congrats! Happy Fourth!
    dee dee

  5. So cute! You come by your creativity naturally!

  6. i loved that tug first time i saw it here. who got to be olive oyl?

  7. My daughter was Olive Oyl, however by the time we got to the judges my kids were so worn out from the heat that we barely made it across the finish line!

  8. OF COURSE, the boat won first place! what a wonderful experience for your children!!


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