Dawn's Built-ins: Day 1

7:17 AM Katy 5 Comments

It's official. I've begun working on Dawn's living room. In other news: she finally finished the approval process and she's going to be taking kids for emergency foster care as soon as next month.

Did you think I forgot? Well no -- I didn't forget. I just over-analyze until I'm paralyzed. (Then I finally command myself to quit being such a wuss and just do it.)

So here's Dawn's current living room wall:

And here's the sketch of what we're trying to accomplish:

Here's my main inspiration picture, I really love the idea of this accent lighting and maybe the doors in the middle to hide the TV:

And I used Sandra's cabinet sketches as my jumping off point.

So here's the first base cabinet, kinda sorta:
I went nuts with the glue and it got everywhere!
first coat of primer

It's gonna be a long road, kittens. I can feel it. We're buying the wood and supplies as we go along. I am hoping that we can get this monster done by Christmas. (This is because I'm also hoping to start building the beach shack after the New Year. ha.)

making the kids push on the other side so I can drive the screws. Boxes of tile also help hold everything stationary

Thank you for following this adventure - I don't post as much in the summer but I promise this pony cart is still dragging along. Also thanks again to a reader Christine, for helping us with a gift card to Home Depot. We're off to a roaring start!

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  1. Katy I'm doing built ins too (around the fireplace) but still same concept! It looks like you'll be making a lot of boxes, it's so worth the $99 to get the Kreg jig for square, solid joins, no countersinking and you can secure without helpers. Also, I saw this other great inspiration pic that reminded me of your idea:


    Can't wait to see the final reveal, even if it's in Dec. Here's to some good building time!

  2. I wish I was handy like you! I can dream up all sorts of ideas for the house, but the execution of said idea, I know would involve lots of restarts and wasted materials.

  3. Jaime I've got the mini kreg, and I bought the kreg right angle clamp as well. The problem is that I'm not comfortable using it yet, it's not fast enough for me because I don't have a huge area to clamp everything to... I'm sure by the time I get to the face frames I'll be forced to figure it out!

  4. What a cool project! Don't forget to plan for the home entertainment system and a large 16:9 aspect ratio TV. You may also want to make the shelves adjustable. If so, buy a jig! :-) Can't wait to see how it turns out.


  5. love the shot of the helpers, and love the project. grinned at the over-analyzing turning to paralysis (i might make that into a pendant) (and speaking of overgluing...i can barely type with all the glaze and glue that ripped the skin off my fingertips).


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