Dawn's Built-ins Day 4: More Cabinet Boxes

11:19 PM Katy 7 Comments

 Ok I know this might get boring, but I need the motivation to make weekly progress. If I feel pressure to post than I will procrastinate less on the building.
 Here are 3 more base cabinets, to go with the first one I finished. One more base cabinet and we are ready to start installation. Thank God she lives next door to me. I had to measure the cable and electrical outlets on Dawn's living room wall to make sure that the shelves didn't interfere. (I've got to cut holes in the backs of these cabinets for the outlets.)
Here's my daughter's weekend harvest from her veggie garden. How much salsa could we make with this? ;)

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  1. Dawn is going to love her new cabinets! Wish I lived next door!
    dee dee

  2. That stuff is heavy? How did you bring it home from the lumberyard?

    Did you have it pre-cut?

    Great work; I am learning a lot from you.

  3. I drew out on paper the 4X8 sheets of 3/4" MDF. Then I drew all the pieces I needed to cut, trying to make the best use of each sheet so not to waste much. Then I had the guy at Lowe's slice the sheets into pieces along my cut lines, and when I got it all home I made the smaller cuts myself.

  4. Love keeping up with your life thru your blog. I miss you terribly, but feel connected watching you continue to do your thing. Keep up the fabulous work ;)


  5. Cretia -- it's too bad that when *you* were my next door neighbor all those years ago, that I didn't own any good tools yet. :) Do you remember that plywood cornice board in the kitchen ? lol

  6. Good job Katy. I find it difficult to handle a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood or MDF too. I would love to have a panel saw like in our local lumber store. Looks like a great harvest from your daughters garden. Nothing is better than homemade salsa. Cheers!

  7. but these posts are NOT boring. the details and the "to be continued" make life good. i'd say you got a pint of salsa out of that harvest. did you? i've been growing my own tomatillo plant all summer because i had visions of making my own tomatillo salsa (ok, fishing guy was going to make the salsa). we might end up with one pint. next spring, i'm planting a real garden. may write and ask your daughter for tips. :)



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