Dawn's Built-ins: Wiring Spotlights for the Bookcases

8:46 AM Katy 5 Comments

It's taken 2 weeks to get this far, even though this is only the second day I've worked on it. Ha. Back when I installed the spotlights in my own living room, I decided that I would be happy to never drill through a ceiling joist again as long as I live.

So in Dawn's case, these lights are not going in the ceiling. They are going to come out the front of the bookcases. I'm using the same wiring concept that I used on my living room, since she's got 2 outlets on this wall to work from.

So we are wired and ready for lights. We can now install cabinets. As soon as I build the rest of them. :)

Inspiring pictures of cute spotlighting:

(My new favorite designer, Craig Kettles. I'm in love. Which means he's probably married or gay. or both.)

Check out these library spotlights:
(from Pinterest and I have no idea where the original came from.)

I like this simple picture lighting :

We'll see what Dawn decides to go with!

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  1. Wow, that is a lot of work, but so amazing. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love your professional wiring diagrams. You should print that, and frame it for her to put on her new/shelving.: -)

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