Pursuing an Adventure

1:17 PM Katy 4 Comments

I read this and thought - Who knew?

"I would encourage people to seek real adventure,” Matt said. “Adventure really starts when stuff just starts going wrong, people start getting sick. The weather gets bad. You sort of lose control and you have to figure out how to get out of it.”

My life isn't one big long trainwreck. It's a REAL ADVENTURE.

God help me if things start really getting out of control, right?

Although if I've still got an address where the anesthesiologist can send his monthly bills, maybe things aren't quite wild enough. Word.

At our family reunion last week, we won the boat parade -- followed by a freak hail storm, a major party tent collapse, and a grill fire that almost took our neighbor's house with it.

"Adventure" might be in our DNA.

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  1. Boar parade, hail storm, tent collapse, almost house fire - that sounds like an episode of Dr Who!!!! Adventure is definitely in your DNA...

  2. Life is an adventure... and every step of the journey... is the journey. and when all else fails... sit back and enjoy the ride whether it be down hill or up rejoice that you have beautiful kids that will be with you on the journey.... dee dee

  3. did the statue of liberty survive? because if she did, then all is right with the world. and because if she didn't, well you know what? invite me down and we can do a burial at the sea for her, and then all will be right with the world again.


  4. Hey and can't forget our first meeting at this nice wine "hooker" place we ended up...where on my way there I got a my First Florida ticket...hahaha! i must say as hard as i thas been my life has been a real adventure since I became single...LOL!! Yes, who knew! Woot Woot! ;))


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