Why You Shouldn't Force It

10:49 PM Katy 10 Comments

I have one lonely food board on Pinterest. Because sometimes I wish I could cook.

My daughter has this gene, and I do not. Even at 9 years old, she understands food better than I do. It is a tough pill to swallow when a kid is better than you are at something, especially when it's cooking. I think maybe it's because I have this notion that moms should be able to follow a recipe.

We had a big pile of cucumbers and tomatoes, and the basil plant was doing really well. So I found this recipe for cucumber-tomato salad. My daughter loves black olives and feta cheese so I figured she would like it . (Yeah, I used feta because I couldn't find that crumbled-ricotta-whatever-it-was in the recipe.)

I did all the chopping. But instead of doing the smart thing and letting her handle the actual making of the salad, I did too much. I tried to force it. I put in WAY TOO MUCH onion and red wine vinegar. Because I can't follow a recipe very well.

My daughter says to me You know, this is why you're supposed to taste it as you go along, to make sure it's right. <-----This was like a knife in my gut, lol

I felt like such a fool! It would have been so much better to just let her handle it -- because she knows what she's doing, and I don't.
This is pretty but it's probably going in the garbage tomorrow.

From now on, I'm sticking to just building the gardens. She can figure out what to do with everything that comes out of it. And I'm not gonna feel ashamed. <-----Okay that was a lie.

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  1. Oh don't be so hard on yourself. So, you can't cook. Big deal. I'd have given my eyeteeth for a mom who would do the next best thing for me - building gardens and beautiful bedrooms. You cook up things for your family - they just aren't food.

  2. Beth -- I can make pudding real good.

  3. How awesome you have a 9 year old daughter who loves to cook. Perhaps she can take some classes and expand her knowledge! She will probably become the Next Iron Chef!

  4. Katy,
    We all have our talents, building solo is not mine! But honey, you excel in that department!
    dee dee

  5. ok - really can't wait to visit, Isabel (10 years old) also like to cook and bake - we'll have to make something together (without you Katy, sorry, but we still love you and you can eat it afterwards!)

  6. When my daughter was a baby, I worked for a woman who said "it's amazing what children can do when parents get out of their way!" She was a very wise mom! You're doing fine, Katie!

  7. Shoot, I hate that I did that. I mean "you're doing fine, KatY!"

  8. When your kid is better than you really hit home with me.... my daughter scored a 35 on her ACT. Mine was no where near that level. I went to a state school, she is being recruited by the Ivy's. I am proud of her, and want her to succeed and to be happy. Yes, she is better than me, but isn't that the way it's suppose to be?

  9. Hey, Proud Mom. Reading this reminded me of the scene from Ratatouille when Remy gets/describes how all the foods work together. (Something I don't 'get' either). And it also reminded me of that country song, 'If it don't come easy, you better let it go.'...and then be ready to step back & be the Sous-Chef.

  10. it's my son that got the cooking gene. my daughter and i do the dishes if he will cook for us. when they both moved out last summer (for the eleventeenth time)i had a new dead-bolt that needed installed on the front door. my son started on it and within minutes looked at his little sister and said- hey, where's your cordless drill . . . and right after that, who was installing the dead bolt? "both" of them. :)

    love that you tried to force your salad. oh my gosh . . .!


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