A Post-Meltdown Conversation With the Architect.

8:21 AM Katy 5 Comments

Me:  Look, if we are going to go this crazy we might as well add a rooftop deck.

Him:  We thought about it but figured it was outside of your budget.

Me: My budget! lol! At this point it's only good for a shack with running water!

Him: Do we need to ask for another variance for an outhouse? Maybe a two-story outhouse?

Me:  I'll just get a Port-O-Potty.

Him: A nice purple one!

Me: Yeah. I'll buy a used one and spray paint it.

Him:  .....

{The sick part of me is starting to enjoy this.}

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  1. LOL...funny thing is I suggested a rooftop deck when you first mentioned how small of a footprint you are confined to.

    If you think of it, the deck may not be that much more expensive when compared to a complex roofing system. It's flat. How simple is that? You just have to beef up the structure, add a guard rail, and provide steps to get up there!

    Just think of all the sunrises and sunsets you'll enjoy while sitting on that deck with your favorite adult beverage!


  2. Did you ever get around to telling him off? Or telling him to start over and this time stay within your REAL budget? Hope so, cuz I really would love to see your dream seed finally start to blossom into the beautiful vision you have in mind. His job is to take YOUR vision and put it down on paper. That's it.

  3. Oh Katy...... girl you are a hoot! Highlight the budget and tell him to start over (or ask if he is planning on paying for the overages!)
    Keep calm..... BREATHE
    dee dee

  4. I am not getting a rooftop deck. I'm scared of heights and I won't be high enough to see the water anyway...I was just messing with him a little bit.
    Payback. ;)

  5. yeah, that's the way (mess with him a little bit). i've been stretched so thin before that things like this (an architect overshooting my budget) became more than it actually was. a bit of relief, please! and so if it doesn't come to you (the relief), then mess with these guys and provide your own relief. there will come the day when relief finds you and you'll be glad you have stuck to your plan. there is always room to be the exception because most people stick to the rule. so, go get 'em!



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