Dawn's Built-Ins Day 6, A Dangling Watermelon, & a Winner

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My crazy dream last week and the ensuing reader interpretations really made me think! Mostly I find it fascinating that so many people can visit a stranger's blog and read between the lines...my issues are apparently not as well hidden as I like to think. :/
 I have major trust issues. It extends to God and just about everyone outside my (very small) circle of friends. I think it's a pretty rational response to my life at this point.
 But that's not a good excuse for trying to be totally self-reliant. (Or trying to move into the wilderness and find a cave with decent plumbing so I don't have to interact with humanity anymore. That's probably also too extreme. But I still go on Trulia and search for "caves".)
 The problem with trying to rely on yourself (and nothing and nobody else) is that you get exhausted, burned out, and you start having nightmares. :)
Everyone had really great interpretations and I thought about all of them, but I think Tyana was the closest. Girl, my fears are legion. So you win $5! Email me your address if you want your prize, you totally deserve a Starbucks for being so polite while dissecting my flaws. lol

I actually gave up on trying to cut Dawn's carpet and restretch it -- so I screwed the base for the cabinets right through the carpet into the subfloor. It feels pretty strong, and I don't think anyone will ever know that I cheated. Except for y'all. ;)

And my son's watermelon plant took off and climbed up the side of the garden through the netting! It's going to be horrible trying to cut all of that out this fall without having to replace the net. Every day I think there's no way that stem is going to hold that melon another day, but it's getting bigger and weathering a lot of thunder storms.

If it actually makes it to full-size like this, I'm going to start growing watermelons up a trellis every year. Just to shock me a little every time I look at it.

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  1. A lot of people grow watermelons on trellises. You might want to make a little "hammock" for it though for extra support. People usually use old pantyhose (who has those anymore?) or an old t-shirt.

  2. Too bad you live so far away, I have an old bra from before I had a breast reduction (double Ds) that would work well :) Your kids might not like it so much though

  3. LOL. Watermelon bras. I love it. Now, I too, want a watermelon trellis. Only I just don't have time in the day to do any garden building.

  4. not flaws, just entirely human. as we all are. and wow, that watermelon- and actually: that STALK. who knew such a stalk could handle so much weight? and who knew about watermelon bras (up here, our growing season is too short to grow watermelon :( ) and your built-ins inspire me.

  5. I'm thinking you were smart to just put the cabinets on top of the carpet. We had to call the installers back out after we had our bedroom carpets put in, they've never stayed put. We have a wrinkle in each bedroom and it drives me nuts. You use a shampooer or move the furniture without lifting everything up and the wrinkle gets bigger. I guess it's a one shot deal to get it cut, stretched and tucked into place.


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