Dawn's Built-ins, Day...8?

9:11 AM Katy 3 Comments

Not even sure how many days this has taken since I've been fussing with her outlets for the past week.

At one point DHEC was coming to inspect her house (because you have to pass certain safety inspections in order to provide foster care in your home). I said "Is this going to be a problem? I left a hot outlet dangling out of your wall for the past week and someone could totally die from that."

Thankfully she could reschedule her appointment, and I got the outlets squared away this weekend:
(one of the 5 cabinets I built was slightly out of square. You can see that in this picture but whatever.)

We moved the TV and everything off her old entertainment center so she could finally get it out of the house. The entertainment center, I mean.

Even though it's not finished, at least it's somewhat functional for the time being. We'll be working on the bookcases next.

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  1. Wow Katy,
    It is looking fantastic! Dawn will be so blessed by this!
    dee dee

  2. Looks awesome. Had to do some catch up on your blog as my daughter just got married this past weekend at our farm. Love your school rant! So true. Kick that architect in the ass! Love Dawn's built-ins. You are doing a fabulous job! Cheers

  3. I am so continually impressed by you!


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