Negotiating With My Boss for a Margarita Machine

8:39 AM Katy 6 Comments

Me:   I can't concentrate on math problems if I have to sit in a cubicle in the sales department. It's already too loud. I need to be able to focus.

Him:  Earplugs.

Me:   I'll wear earplugs. For a margarita machine.

Him:  ....

Me:   ....

Him:  Ok I ordered it.

Me:   Really? When does it get here?!

Him:  Never.

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  1. I would kill for a margarita machine at work, but I'm probably too much of a slacker already. Perhaps, I should just add khalua to my coffee instead.

  2. Swipe the Smirnoff logo off the internet, blow it up and run it on a sheet of transparency paper and then tape it to the water cooler. Tell him since you can't have a margarita machine, you filled it with vodka.

  3. This post and that last comment made me LOL. Ahhhhh....the advantage of now having a home office is that well,if needed, technically I have margaritas at the ready!

  4. Too funny, and oh so inspiring! Wonder what would happen if I did that here....

  5. it'd take more than a margarita machine for me to focus on math problems!


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