Dawn's Built-Ins: Pocket Doors or Not?

8:59 AM Katy 9 Comments

We started this project without a decision on what kind of doors (if any) would cover the TV.
 The base cabinets are installed, so last weekend I built the main cabinet box that will house the TV and halfway through I realized: doh!  I can't finish this until we decide on pocket doors!
This was my original inspiration picture. You see how those giant doors are on regular hinges? Dawn and I knew this wasn't the way to go, because imagine those things swung open and hanging in the middle of a traffic pattern in the living room. It eats up a lot of real estate and we were trying to FREE UP floor space in here.
So originally I was thinking pocket doors:
But then I realized how much space they eat up inside the cabinet! And while Dawn's TV will fit in there no problem, I worried that I was making the cabinet a little too tight. I had already set the overall width of that bookcase/cabinet box at the beginning.
Plus: Dawn and I talked about how much these pocket hinge systems cost. It would set us back another month just for the darn hinges.
Then I said "let's build bifold doors!" which doesn't sound very exciting, but when they are used on furniture like this:

This seems like the perfect, cheaper solution right?

Nevermind that I've never built closet doors before, I'm sure we can do this. *fingers crossed*

Do any of you have doors like this covering your TV? Is it just as convenient as pocket doors?

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  1. An easy, cheap, and simple way to cover the tv would be to put a curtain across the tv space. You can have 2 curtain rods; one on top and one on bottom, so the curtain stays taut. Dawn can change the curtains anytime she gets a whim to.

    Craigslist might have a tv armoire with the pocket door hinge system that you can get for a good price, then gut the hinge system out. :-)

    I have bifold doors on my tv armoire. I like them. They dont line up quite perfectly. It used to, but over time and lots of moving has changed that.

  2. Katy,
    Wayne built bi fold for our laundry room cabinets to cover the washer and dryer! They are the perfect solution to our needs!
    You might also want to check into using a barn style slider over the cabinet, that way the door will slide out of the way when the tv is in use! You are such a blessing to Dawn! Can't wait to see what you do!
    dee dee

  3. ooooooh!!!

    I didn't think of the barn-style sliders....hmmmm

  4. Pocket doors would be the way to go,but the hardware is outrageous. Scan the free section of Craigslist,you my be able to salvage the hardware. At this point in the project the best way to add doors would be a slider as mentioned prior. I would really think hard about the end use.If this is the main TV area, I suspect those doors would seldom if ever be closed. I can't wait to see the finished project!

  5. Pocket, Bifold if you can make it cute (which I know you can), possibly barn slider (but I don't know what that is), or none. I think it would look just as beautiful without the doors

  6. The #1 question to ask is how much the TV will be used. If there are kids in the house and / or it is used daily chances are the doors would remain open most of the time anyway. You may as well leave it open. I'm not a fan of standard doors or bifold doors. Either way they'll stick out into the room and potentially block the view of the TV. The barn style is intriguing but the hardware is usually exposed and you'll have to go all the way to the ceiling.

    I'd go pocket doors. If she can't afford them now then prepare for it now but buy the hardware later and install it then.


  7. My tv cabinet has pocket doors that have never been closed. Is that a testament to useless doors, or how much the tv is on in my house?

  8. we had pocket doors when our kids were younger and they weren't so good at carefully opening or closing the doors. i am surprised the doors survived, but they did. are bi-fold doors as sturdy with kids opening/closing them?

    can't wait to see pictures!

  9. We used to have pocket doors on our tv cabinet. HATED them. Had to buy tv's to fit cabinet, couldn't dust back in there w/o pulling cabinet away from wall or tv out, etc. annoying. Noisy sliders too. I love the barn door idea...


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