I *Heart* My Architects

2:33 PM Katy 12 Comments

I finally got to sit down with the guys who are drawing my house, and what a difference that makes. I've spent most of my time since they sent me the concepts flipping out over money.

But I had SUCH AN AWESOME TIME! I totally wasted like 4 hours of their Saturday, we talked about anything and everything (unrelated to the house plans) and I showed them pictures of what I'm trying to do. The vintage sink, the retro refrigerator, the surfboard shower, HVAC vs. mini-split, everything. Since the cottage has to be extremely tall and skinny, we were calling it the "Rocket", and I came up with this paint scheme:

muhahahahaa! I don't know if they took me seriously on that part, we'll see.

Do you worry sometimes that you're not worthy of other people's time? I do. I'm a DIYer trying to build a tiny cottage with my tax returns. Normally it feels like an adventure, but sometimes it makes me feel silly. That hit me when I went to the architect's website and looked at his available house plans. Whoa.

I said: "You design very nice mansions - thank you for taking the time to design my little rocket cottage"

he said "I design 'mansions' while I sleep. This might be my only chance to design a rocket pad cottage. I wouldn't miss it for the world."  {very diplomatic of him, ha}

So I feel a little better. Don't you?

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  1. After reading all these posts for months now, I want to buy a ticket to see it when it is all done and beautiful.

  2. Carolyn, I'll post all the pictures so you'll have a front row seat. And then if you want to come and help me paint, we can hang out. :)

  3. You are so worthy of everybodies time and don't forget that! I am getting so excited for you. It's a real challenge to design a functioning small home for three kids. I hope he is worthy of your dream!!!

  4. Yeah, you are worthy! Don't assume that your project isn't as much fun for the guy helping design it as it is for you to make it. Sounds like a win-win and too bad we don't find more opportunities to engage in other people's fun-ness.

    I love to paint. But you probably know that. And I love the color scheme!

  5. neat. i mean that- neat!! and yeah you are worthy. we need more rocket cottages, it's just that not everyone realizes that until after they meet you. :)

  6. OMG you totally are not going to really paint it red white and blue... right? You know you will change it like 50 times (in one year) if you do ;) circa 2004 kitchen haha I sure miss you.

  7. lol Charity, that kitchen was only like 2 different colors. It was the bedroom I repainted 4 times. :)

    I'm kind of in love with the red white and blue idea all of the sudden. we'll see if it wears off. But after I started looking at the pieces I've already painted for the cottage, I see a theme emerging that I hadn't planned on:

    the iron bed:
    the mirrors:
    the coffee table:

    do you see it???

  8. Oh girl! How exciting! So glad you worked out some of the details and I do hope they understand the concept of small and wonderful!
    dee dee

  9. Love that rocket popsicle and what a cute idea. I think that color scheme totally fits a little beach cabin. I really like your architect's response to you, also. I'm sure you understand the appeal of a challenge and something different instead of same old, same old. (I'm glad you seem to have a fitting designer since I remember you were having trouble with some rather old-fashioned contractors.)

  10. As I wrap up the design for your beach cottage I just want to say; Thank You Katy for the confidence you gave me to provide you with my service. I hope this cottage will bring you and your family years of blessings and memories. It has been an honor.

  11. Katy - I just discovered your blog and I am in love with your house and the decor. Would you mind posting a list of all the colors you used? THANK YOU !


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