A Golf Cart With Horns & a Cherry Tablecloth

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This weekend we visited our favorite antique store in Little Mountain again. Last time we were there I got the iron bed and awesome old mixer, and this time I saw another iron bed. I am very interested in having two of the same kind of antique iron beds painted with auto paint. (Maybe the 2nd one could be cherry red?)

But the first bed required tons of hand scraping and sandblasting of the lead paint. I'm really not up for that again right now, plus I'm trying to save money. So I (sadly) left it there and got these instead:

A vintage apron in a cute pattern, and this vinyl tablecloth with cherries - only $8. I am thinking that I will use the tablecloth to cover a seat cushion for the custom hall tree I'm going to build. It only exists in my mind so far, of course. But it's going to be slick. :)

Then we went outside and saw one of the antique store's employees driving this:

And instantly -- I regretted never mounting steer horns and plastic pigeons to the front of our flaming golf cart. It seems like the most obvious thing in the world now!

So we have more plans. For another golf cart, at the beach shack, with every crazy thing you can think of mounted to it with Krazy glue.  Maybe a plastic dolphin head on the front end...what else?

025-365 The Clause's Golf Cart

ha !

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