A Surprising MoodBoard for the Beach Cottage & Candy-Colored Fridges

10:33 PM Katy 11 Comments

I've never had time to play with those online moodboard generators, and so I was just collecting images haphazardly on Pinterest for the past year. As time went on, and I painted various pieces for the cottage, I had these nagging feelings that maybe I should just STOP.

I was painting everything random colors with no design scheme in mind. I seriously made decisions just on whatever paint I had lying around, or impulse I was feeling at the time. I worried that I was going to have to go back and repaint everything once the house was built and it was time to put it all together.

So today I finally signed up for a moodboard thingie, and slapped down all the pics I had lying around on my hard drive and Pinterest. These are some of my finished pieces, plus my inspiration pictures.

And lo and behold......

it looks like there's already a theme!?

Are you picking up what I'm laying down, man?

Nobody could be more shocked than I!

I knew that I loved vintage/retro things, but I didn't realize it was so intense. I guess this is going to be more than an Americana-Rocket-Popsicle-cottage...maybe it'll be a little Johnny Rockets too. :)

I still haven't made up my mind about a fridge color. Or a faucet finish. Or a million other things. So worry not -- there are still plenty of decisions to completely flip out over & analyze to death. My specialty.

and look - more inspiration for the exterior paint job. This is a little over the top of course. I'm going to be more subtle. snort

 (If only I could mail tequila shooters to all of you following this journey, I would feel much less self-concious. )

And one last thing: Just look at all of these fridge colors! and here and here! How on earth are you supposed to make a decision like that? My brain may explode from trying to pick just one. :(

{here's a link to the moodboard but it looks really weird so I just posted the pics above.}

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  1. I love it! I know it will be awesome!


  2. Love! So fun and it fits you perfectly!

  3. I belive there's a story about that patriotic house you posted.

    I think I read somewhere - the guy wanted to put up his American Flag for something but his HOA said "no" because of some stupid technicality.

    But there was no rule about painting his house, so he painted it like that. Then he could have his flag up any damn time he wanted. :)

  4. I love the particular shade of beachy blue you have going. Americana with a twist!

  5. I love the boards, and those refrigerators are to die for!

  6. Hey Katy.....Love your mood boards! I might try this. Your colors are wonderful! One thing I have learned about faucets, I will never have chrome again. They look lovely when they are clean, but who wants to clean them every time they are used. I now have brushed nickel in my kitchen and bathroom, and I will never look back. On the plus side, and take this for what it's worth, A guy from the local lumber store told me that chrome is back in and brushed nickel is so last year (insert eye roll), so maybe they will be cheaper!
    Thanks for your kind comment on our concrete counter-top! If you decide to do this (which I know YOU can), in the not so distant future, you will have an army of help from your kids! That's why I had mine! (just kidding), but they sure do like to help their Momma! Bless them.

  7. I've heard that if you just pick things you love, then they become a coherent whole. Looks like that's true for you. I'm so living vicariously as you do this project.

  8. And who said you didn't have a plan going! Go Katy, go Katy, go Katy....

  9. everything comes together because each thing is a part of you...and i love the way the reds go with the blues. face it, you are a natural. :)

  10. love the retro fridge but dang, that price tag is killer. hope you can find one on craigslist or maybe ebay.


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