Dawn's Built-Ins: I'm a little stumped.

10:12 AM Katy 6 Comments

I installed the first bookcase last night just to see if everything was gonna line up correctly. For the most part it did, but I had a panic attack about the possibility of the wall leaning forward slightly, and causing my bookcase to lean out over the base cabinets.

In fact there is this little oddity. The very front edge of one side of the bookcase hangs over the base cabinets just slightly (like 1/8"). When I put a level on the front edge of the bookcase it is pretty level but still....slightly leaning outward. {Note: this is the TV cabinet but I call it a bookcase because the 4 other boxes I'm building for the top half are going to be bookcases.}

I don't know how to fix that. I can't shim behind it to get it level, because then it will be overhanging the base cabinets even more. This is why I should have built all 10 cabinet boxes FIRST, and THEN started installing them.

But we don't have room to store that many cabinets. So I had to do it a little at a time! But I probably shouldn't have installed the bases yet, because if I hadn't I could still shim behind them.

This was my first mistake. My second mistake is probably going to be the fact that I haven't built any face frames yet (or even thought about them).

Right now I'm thinking I will have to SAND OFF that overhanging edge just so it doesn't leave a gap between the faceframes and the cabinets....come to think of it, I could just borrow my dad's belt sander and sand the whole front edge of the bookcase and make it all perfectly level. (lol)

I hope there are no master carpenters reading this. :)

And please overlook my horrendous pictures. I work at night with a camera phone, and it causes me stress when i see these bad pictures on my blog. grr

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  1. Master carpenters have just had more time and opportunity to hone their finishing skills, lol. I have a family full of them and this is why my husband freezes and never finishes a project.

  2. Isn't this what moulding and trim is for? To hide all of the imperfections? Like Tim Gunn would say "Make it work."

  3. Katy sand it off for sure. More than likely the cut on the boards is off by 1/8" (my boards are never perfect like that so I build face down and have all the uneven edges on the backside). I'd even go so far as to jigsaw off the overhang until flush. It'll be our secret!

  4. LOL....good luck! If I had any advice at all, I'd give it. But just wanted to send some moral support your way.

    And I feel ya...I get frustrated with my photos too, because I can only work on projects after the littles go to bed. Not exactly prime photography time!

  5. Adjust it with the face molding and trim.... no one will ever be the wiser! It is looking fantastic Katy! You inspired me to take on adding batten board (all by myself) in a bathroom at church! It turned out great.... thanks for you inspiration!
    dee dee

  6. Looking good Katy! One talented Mom and her Drill!!


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