Monday, October 29, 2012

(I'm awarding points to any readers who recognize where the title of this post came from. heh)
Still waiting for info on my HVAC, but they care about me enough to go dumpster diving for my project:

this giant piece of petrified something, painted like an angelfish(?) was hand-selected and obtained for my use. They saw it an instantly thought "perfect for Katy".  (I can only assume this is what they thought)

Which is either a huge compliment, or...not. They were all a-twitter when they emailed me this picture. 

;)  They are quickly becoming like family members
Posted by Katy On 10:34 AM 4 comments


  1. oh.... how I love ya girl.

  2. The title is from "Christmas Vacation".

  3. ding ding ding we have a winnah!

  4. Oh that is so cool. Where, in your beach house, will you put it?


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