Thursday, October 11, 2012

I have serious hardware issues. I don't need a new piece of furniture or knobless cabinetry to buy hardware. I would collect doorknobs even if I had no doors.

I broke down when  Van Dyke's sent me their weekly mass email about their (non-stop) sales. Normally to preserve my virtue I don't even click on the links. But I've been depressed lately because I'm bored and I can't do anything until I've saved more money. (Or maybe it's because I haven't had a haircut in 7 months. Brutal.)

These pulls were on sale for $1.49 - squeeee! They look just like the white milk glass pulls I put on my kitchen cabinets back when I renovated for the second time. (Lord, I have issues. If I wasn't doing this beach house mess I promise I would have renovated my kitchen for a 3rd time by now.)

I don't actually know where these are going to go. Maybe kitchen drawers...or in the bathroom...or on a dresser? Who knows - the point is they are awesome & dirt cheap & they go with the design scheme.

I have zero affiliation with Van Dyke's in case anyone is wondering. They won't send me anything for free, although I'm probably willing to do unspeakable things for this. Sigh.

I have been shopping for kitchen faucets for the vintage sink too. So far this is my favorite:

And now I should go clean the toilets or something. :/ You know. Like a responsible adult who has lots of kids and no maid.
I like this one too.

 and this one.

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  1. I like the soap holder faucet the best, it's perfect. Reminds me of my grandmother's house.

  2. I love the pulls too. Gorgeous!!

  3. I knooooow! The soap holder one os the most authentic. Except that my granmother's faucet looked like the first one, but with a soap holder. SO torn. lol

  4. I am so irritated that I can't edit comments on this blog. My typos are scary.

  5. I love Van Dyke's

    Whenever we are at a hardware store I always tell my husband, I'll be in the hardware aisle. I'm love browsing pulls and knobs! I just fantasize having enough pieces (and money) to put all the ones I love on things.

  6. I hear you on the haircuts! It has been 13 months since my last one! Love the pulls! My favorite is #2 faucet followed by #1 then #3. I am thinking part of it is the knobs!

  7. Clean toilets are overrated.


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