Vintage Shopping

8:23 PM Katy 4 Comments

In honor of my total obsession with all home decor that is vintage/retro, I introduce my cousin Annie:


Ha ha, she's somewhere in Europe in this picture but I have no idea where because I just snagged it from her Flickr stream.

Anyway, she loves vintage things as much as I do and she lives in New York. She's got an Etsy shop where she's selling a few wares, in case you are in the market!

Annie Girl Vintage

(She'll be at a flea market in Brooklyn tomorrow but I call dibs on that retro cocktail set!)

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  1. woo hoo! My only experience with international travel was one trip to Paris ;)

  2. (okay, and a few scary trips to Mexico back when it was still possible to walk across the border.)

  3. Katy, wow!! This is such a sweet surprise! Thank you so much for the shout out!! Haha, love the pic from London. I promise, the hand-on-hip pose was not intentional! xoxoxo


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