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That fabric in the middle -- what color would you say that is? Computer screens may read differently, but if you were going to describe that fabric to someone, what would you say?
Take your time.....

Once you've made your final answer, go here and see the description.

Am I losing my mind? 

In more important news, I've been made aware that my son's eye surgery last year was a failure, and we will need lots more intervention. And my daughter needs braces.


My next post must be positive because the last two have been very whiny. Which means you will not hear from me again until I've been to the liquor store.  #HoldPlease

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  1. Katy I love hearing all your news, whiny or not it's always a bit humorous the way you lay it out there. Thanks for keeping us on our toes. And that pink fabric looks 'raspberry' to me.

  2. I think it could be called raspberry, off to see the description.

  3. Yep, I would say raspberry too

  4. What does the manufacturer's stock photo look like on your screen?
    The fabric is called RED.
    The stock photo on that site looks RED to me.

    ?? This is a good lesson on buying fabric online. :/ (on my way to the liquor sto')

  5. Well, speaking as a typical guy I said it looked red. The stock photo looks bright red. It kinda looks like the onhand material has been washed a number of times.

  6. Stampin' Up had a shade that was a Rose Red or Ruby Red that was similar, like a faded and washed out red. I looked at the description and that was a lot of describing and inspired-by to say that it's red and looks like Grandma's sheets.

  7. I would describe what you have there as rose. But the swatch on that other website definitely looks red.

  8. It definitely seems red. Can you order a sample to make sure?

  9. I would say Rose or Raspberry for sure.

  10. I would say raspberry, pinkish-red. Sorry about the eye surgery... mine did not take either :/ My DD has braces it will all be okay <3 call me if you need to vent!


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